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Team report: Benzema is still injured and unlikely to participate in the first game of the group stage

According to the French “Team” report, it is difficult for Benzema to catch up with the first match against Australia in the World Cup group stage.

Time is passing, but the situation of Benzema has not improved.Recently, he, like Varane, has been trained separately.The situation in Varane improved, but the situation of Benzema was not so optimistic.

“Team News” said that no one can ensure that Benzema can catch up with Australia in the first round of the group stage.

Benzema was suffering from injury to his legs, and he had been injured in Real Madrid for nearly a month.Although he and the people around him have always said that the injury is not serious, the reality is that the symptoms have not improved.More and more signs show that Benzema cannot participate in the first round of the group stage.

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  1. Benzema … stopped … Golden Globe Award …

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