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Tashan Harbor doubles together to prepare for the next stage of the China Super League & Football Association Cup final

On November 15th, the official news of Taishan, Shandong, the team re -assembled the Super League, and Felleyi, Guo Tianyu and other players were listed. The Shanghai Harbor Team, which entered the Football Association Cup finals, also assembled today.

Shandong Taishan defeated Henan Songshan Longmen on November 6 and entered the Football Association Cup final. Today, the official Weibo of Taishan, Shandong posted photos of the team’s re -assembly, and said: “Return to the team, practice.” From the photos released, players including Felryi and Guo Tianyu participated in it.

Later, the official Weibo of Shanghai Harbor also released the team’s assembly news. Harbor officially wrote: “After a week of rest adjustment, the Shanghai Harbor Team re -assembled at the Century Park training base this morning to start the preparation of the next stage of the game. . The team is mainly based on recovery training today, and the players have shown a positive state. After warm -up activities, the team members conducted pass and rush training under the leadership of the coaches. Running training for restoring physical fitness. “

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