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Tao Qianglong: Young players will make mistakes and need to improve a lot of problems.

On the afternoon of January 7, the 2022 China Football Association Cup final ended the second round of competition. Wuhan Three Town team lost to the Taishan team in Shandong 0-3, which was eliminated by a total score of 1 to 6.After the game, Tao Qianglong, a player in Wuhan Three Town team, accepted the media interview.

When asked about the first round of the Shandong Taishan team at the first round, how did the coaching team prepare for the second round of the game, Tao Qianglong, the player of Wuhan Three Town Team, said: “Most of the young players, coaches, followed by coaches, and coaches this time.We said that the game is difficult, but after going up, we try to show ourselves as much as possible, and each ball must go all out. “

When summing up the two rounds, Tao Qianglong said: “I have not played a long time after the National Youth Team returned. These two games are gradually recovering. On the wholeMany issues must be summarized. Most of them are young players. There have been many mistakes in the game, and there are opportunities and mentality. “

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