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Tan Baiwen harvested the first goal of the season Kunlun Hongxing Orean 2-6 lost to the iceberg



Kunlun Hongxing Orekin loses to the iceberg team at home

On the evening of December 4, Beijing time, the Silk Road Super Ice Hockey League launched a new competition for the game day. The Kunlun Hongxing Orekin team sits on the Aozhong Ice Sports Center to face the third opponent Iceberg team in this round of home series. During the game, in the face of the overall strength than his opponent, the players of the Kunlun Hongxing Orekin team were in a general state. From the beginning of the start, it was in a downwind. In less than three minutes, it was broken by the iceberg team three times. The Kunlun Hongxing Orekin team players who were unwilling to capture have recovered in the state since then, and at the first quarter, Tan Baiwen took off a city with one more scoring.

However, in the next quarter, although the players of the Kunlun Hongxing Orekin played their best on the field, they carried out their opponents, and Chinese young players such as Xiang Xudong, Zuo Tianyou, Huang Peng, The gap is obvious, and the iceberg team scored three goals in the second quarter to expand the score difference to make the game lose suspense. In the last quarter competition, although the home team once again returned to a city by Philip Toruzakov with more opportunities, the Kunlun Hongxing Orekin was eventually killed by the opponent of the iceberg team 2-6.

Opponent analysis

The iceberg team is located in the city of Nejet Camsk in Russia. In recent years, these teams have been one of the teams in the middle and upper reaches of the league. They have reached the finals in 2011-2015 and won three championships. In the past three years, the iceberg team ranked 11th, 5th, and 10th in the regular season, and in the playoffs, they also won the 5th, 11th and 7th place in the playoffs. Before the deadline, the iceberg team ranked eighth with a record of 19 wins and 7 losses and 2 overtime in the 28 Silk Road Super Ice Hockey League.

In terms of data, the iceberg team has averaged 3.0 goals per game this season, ranking fifth in the league; averaging 2.04 goals per game, ranking seventh in the league; 22.7%of the more successful success, It ranks third in the whole league; 88.4%of the success rate of less defense, ranking fifth in the league. Kunlun Hongxing Orekin had played against the iceberg team on September 11, and eventually lost 1-6.


In terms of the lineup, the head coach Alexander Balkov used the front line and the defender partner of the sledgehammer to make adjustments only in the goalkeeper. Lin Chen Jordan launched a battle, and Boyerqik was replaced.


At the beginning of the game, the icebergs with strong offensive capabilities were anti -customers. They repeatedly played the matching of offensive cooperation like flowing clouds, and continuously threatened the door of Lin Chen Jordan. Although the Kunlun Hongxing Orekin also rely on defensive counterattack opportunities to make a few shooting attempts, in general, the iceberg team occupied absolutely upper hand on the scene. After halftime, the goal of the Kunlun Hongxing Orekin team was unfortunately disappeared. At 8 minutes and 55 seconds, the iceberg attacked in the attack district. The road was cut and cooperated, and Andreng Benkov grabbed some of the door to help the opponent to lead the leader, 1-0. Less than two minutes later, at 10 minutes and 09 seconds of the game, the iceberg team rolled back. Edward Humartov controlled the ball and returned at the left road wall of the attack zone. Long shot, although Lin Chen Jordan struggled to make the ball out, but also lost his position. Sergey Emmerine easily completed the shot. After 2-0.30 seconds, the iceberg team expanded the score again , Kunlun Hongxing Orekin first saved a single -knife opportunity, but did not complete the clearing area. After the ball was intercepted by Maxim Rogif in the defense area, the ball directly hit the ball to the goal. Ernov scored the ball, 3-0. Even if the team lost three goals in a short time, the team quickly adjusted. At 11 minutes and 14 seconds, Mark Rubinsch was temporarily punished, and the Kunlun Hongxing Orekin did not miss the opportunity to play more. At 13 points, Hu Yang and his teammates broke the ball behind the opponent’s goal. Situ Yongen took the ball and passed back. Tan Baiwen did not hesitate to hit the opponent’s goalkeeper after the ball was led on the top of the ball on the left. In the defense, Tan Baiwen also helped the team back to a city while playing the season. In the last few minutes, the rhythm of the game slowed down, and the two sides entered the second quarter with a score of 1-3.

In the second quarter, the dominance on the field was still grasped by the iceberg team. However, by 2 minutes and 05 seconds, Daniel Squetov was temporarily punished. The Kunlun Hongxing Orekin team once again got an offensive opportunity in more opportunities. Among them, Huang Qianyi’s shot was a little different from the goal. The opponent continued to attack after escape, and caused Zhang Zeson’s foul in 4 minutes and 26 seconds. The iceberg scored the goal in the first time and less offense. At 5 minutes and 17 seconds, Edward Himartov played a long shot. After the ball was saved, Sergei Emmerine grabbed the second point to the second point. In front of the goal back, Rusham Petrichchev leaned the defender and sent the ball into the goal. After returning to the three goals again, the Iceberg team that fought away continued to attack. Although the Kunlun Hongxing Orekin team tried his best to defend and remedied back and forth by actively running, the opponent’s offensive strength was strong, and the goal was still lost again. At 10 minutes and 39 seconds, the iceberg team launched a rapid attack from the defense area. Lin Chen Jordan rushed out the opponent three times, but the Chrisqin Avanev, who ambushed in front of the door, helped the opponent to complete the entry again with a supplementary shooting. ball. After the rhythm on the court slowed down, the iceberg suddenly accelerated at 15 minutes and 31 seconds. After the ball quickly entered the zone, Sergei Emmerine opened the ball to the left and suddenly passed the ball to the goal. · Golovanov scored the ball without no one in front of the goal. Shortly after this goal, two of the icebergs were sent off at the same time. Unfortunately, the Kunlun Hongxing Orekin team still did not seize the opportunity in this five-line attack. Come to the third quarter. In the last quarter, in the face of the difference between the five goals, the players of the Kunlun Hongxing Orekin did not give up. Philip Tuluzakov first got a good opportunity shortly after the opening to prevent the opponent’s multiple attacks, Zhang Zesen also shot a beautiful shot. After the suspension came back, Huang Qianyi fouled the foul temporarily at 6 minutes and 02 seconds, but this time, the players of Zhongzhi Chengcheng did not give the opponent a chance to expand the score. In this quarter, the Kunlun Hongxing Orekin was still suppressed by the opponent on the court, but created more defensive counterattack opportunities. Finally at 14 minutes and 03 seconds, during the team’s one more attack and less offense, after Josh Nichols and British Rugao played a wonderful two over one cooperation in the Central District, the former brought the ball to the door and at the goal. In front of the goalkeeper, Josh Nikols did not have greedy, but gave the ball again to the left. Philip Tuluzakov followed a shot and scored. In the end, the game ended with a score of 2-6, and the Kunlun Hongxing Orekin team lost to the iceberg team at home.

Technical statistics

Post -match interview

The head coach Alexander Balkov said at the post -match press conference: “Players are in a normal state today, this can be seen from their facial expressions in the game. After the game Communication, some older players have accumulated some pressure in the current league, which makes them a bit unprepared on the court. In addition, the opponent’s strength itself is one level higher than us. But in this game The group got more opportunities for playing, Huang Peng, Xiang Xudong, Zuo Tianyou and other Chinese teenagers performed very impactful, and their progress was still very great. Next, we need to further improve our strength to strive Better achievement. “


At 19:30 on the evening of December 6, Beijing time, the Kunlun Hongxing Orekin will continue to sit at home to face the last opponent’s oil worker team in this round of the home series.

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