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Taishan VS Chengdu starts: Four Foreign Aid PK Felryi to fight Luo Moluo first

At 19:30 on November 21, Beijing time, the 26th round of the Super League, Chengdu Rongcheng VS Shandong Taishan. Before the game, the two sides announced the starting lineup of the game. According to reporters, Han Yanze was injured and Wang Dalei suspended, so Taishan did not have a substitute goalkeeper in this game.

Rongcheng’s launch: 33-Zhang Yan, 3-Tang Xin, 26-Liu Tao, 36-Gou Junchen, 40-Richard, 8-Zhou Dingyang, 10-Luomu Luo, 11-Jinyou, 29-Mu Talifu ( U23), 39-Gan Chao, 12-Saldania

Rongcheng substitute: 24-Xing Yu, 2-Hu Hutao (U23), 13-Hu Jing, 14-Han Guanghui, 17- Gan Rui, 20-Afu Haiti, 27-Liu Bin, 28-Wang Hanlin, 31-Yang Yang Ting, 18-Min Junlin, 19- Xiang Bai Xu, 21-Meng Junjie (U23)

Taishan starting: 1-Li Guanxi, 4-Jaldson, 5-Zheng Zheng, 11-Liu Yang, 16-Li Hailong, 27-Shi Ke, 10-Moisseus, 25-Felryi, 7-Guitian Yu, 9-Krey Sang, 29-Chen Pu

Taishan substitute: 6-Wang Tong, 26-Yixian Long (U23), 31-Zhao Jianfei (U23), 39-Song Long, 13-Zhang Chi, 17-Wu Xinghan, 21-Liu Binbin, 30-Abdul Su Li Su Li -Madura (U23), 34-Huang Cong, 37-Ji Xiang, 23-Hao Haiyi (U23), 32-Tian Xin

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  1. From the ideal perspective, this product is discordant with the Taishan team, and quickly handle the cultivation of the new three doors.

  2. The goalkeeper training is common. Wang Dalei rushed to the front to do it, it was incredible!

  3. The goalkeeper before the game was suddenly injured.

  4. The question lies in our defender. Zheng Zheng has been repeatedly broken on the left back, and the right back guard Li Hailong made a mistake. From our midfield and frontcourt, the two sides were not in place. Essence There are too few in our midfielder, and there are too little running without ball.

  5. Wang Dalei caused the disaster

  6. was about to hurt, Feliley was better than him. After five minutes of the last time, I was absolutely attentive

  7. The third goalkeeper came to play, and I should hit the ball as much as possible and stay away from the goalkeeper. Guo Tianyu did not take a picture with Credana in front. He should change Guo Tianyu to Ji Xiang and change the formation to let Moidis go up.

  8. Halo, this goalkeeper has become famous in the first game

  9. Coach Hao is stubborn

  10. Guan Xige hurts or red cards, who has the plan to stay at the door.

  11. How did Guo Tianyu start again

  12. Xiao Guo still lose weight before playing.

  13. This is enough, there is a Liu Yang not enough, plus a Guo Tianyu!

  14. There is Shi Yanlu, what is the losing [dirt]

  15. I want to lose

  16. No substitute goalkeeper

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