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Nongxin Cup Jiang Dongrun takes Japanese celebrities and Chinese team, Kajia, is about to attack

On November 25th, the second stage of the 24th Nongxin Xinxin Ramen World Go team game started. In the 5th inning of the Korean and Japanese duel, South Korea ...

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The Nongxin Cup ushered in the second stage of the 25th on the 25th of the Zhi Ye Tiger Pills to challenge Jiang Dongrun

From November 25th to 29th, the 24th Nongxinxin Ramen Cup Three Kingdoms Go in the second stage of the game started in the second stage of the game, and played ...

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Dafuyuan: Nongxin Cup welcomes South Korea and Japanese war Jiang Dongrun to release export wind three consecutive victories

The article is transferred from Baijia Number: Dafuyuan The second stage of the 24th Nongxinxin Ramen World Go Group Competition is about to start. The second ...

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