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Lee Chang Ho’s first battle in the New Year will never give up the final counterattack junior

(Transfer from "Wild Fox Play") Special reporter Guke reported on January 7th, the second Korean 567 joint cup chess courtyard championship 32nd double defeat ...

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Influence!The three coach of the Southeast Asian Football Championships from the Four of the Four of the Fortune Championship comes from South Korea

The Southeast Asian Football Championship has entered the semi -finals. It is worth mentioning that three of the semi -finals came from South Korea, which ...

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Kim Enshe’s three -time delay of breaking the annual victory record will be sprinted at the third time

(Transfer from "Wild Fox Game" WeChat public account) Special reporter, Ko Ke reported that the most records of the annual winning game of the Korean Go ...

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Exposure of Uruguay 4 players or was suspended by FIFA for 10 to 15 games or even forbidden for half a year

After the World Cup group stage against Ghana, Uruguay players have a series of violations, and FIFA is investigating these behaviors.The investigation is ...

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Judgment: It is unreasonable to make a completely correct karfin without a penalty for Uruguay

In the last round of the World Cup group stage, Uruguay was eliminated because of less goals.After the game, Uruguay players were very dissatisfied with the ...

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South Korea’s Argentine media satirize Ronaldo: Who is the real ball king no longer controversial

After Portugal was eliminated, South Korean media and Argentine media Europe were ironic. Yonhap News Agency said that Ronaldo shed tears ending his last ...

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South Korea in November Go level ranking, Shen Zhen 谞 36 consecutive months leading

The article is transferred from: wild fox Go Recently, the Korean Chess Academy announced the November rank ranking.In November, Shen Zhenzheng, who won 6 ...

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1.4 billion won!Shen Zhenxuan is expected to catch up with Li Shishi’s highest bonus record of the year

South Korean Go first person, Shen Zhen The article is transferred from: Sports Weekly The reporter Xie Rui reported that as of November, Shen Zhenzhang's ...

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Brazil’s 1/4 final against Croatia’s historical record Brazil 3 wins and 1 draw

At the end of the third game of the World Cup 1/8 final, Croatia eliminated Japan through a penalty shootout. Brazil took 4-1 in South Korea. In the 1/4 ...

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The 6 teams of the AFC have been out of the game but have written history in the World Cup

As the South Korean team defeated Brazil in the 1/8 finals, the team of this World Cup AFC has been out. At this World Cup, 6 Asian Football Teams ...

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