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It is imperative that Shandong Taishan wants to take more championships to deepen equity reform

Reporter Chen Yong reported that a few days ago, a rumor of "Shandong Energy Group's entry into Shandong Taishan Football Club" caused a heated discussion ...

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Data summarized by the Chinese Super League: Averaging averages per game higher than last season in Dalian many columns 1

Reporter Chen Yong reported that the Chinese Super League in the 2022 season, 298 actual competitions wrote a new record, an increase of 58 games from the ...

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Football Association Cup-Sun Junhao Chuan Moisus Head Tarzan 3-0 Three Town Three Town 4

At 16:30 on January 7, Beijing time, the 2022 China Football Association Cup finals started the second round of the final round. The Wuhan Three Town team ...

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Shandong Taishan duel Wuhan Three Town Football Association Cup Taishan first sounds

Reporters Chen Yong and Lu Mi reported that the Super League of the season, the PK of the three towns and Taishan is the main theme of the championship. In ...

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Yin Bo: This Super League champion Shandong Taishan will not take it!

Source: Yin Bo Say Ball The last boots finally landed -on December 29, Tianjin Jinmen Tiger and Beijing Guoan were not reorganized, and submitted an ...

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Salle 22+16 Glenwater 32+8+13 Shenzhen Ke Shandong 9 consecutive victory

On December 30, Beijing time, in the 20th round of the CBA regular season, Shenzhen defeated Shandong and Shenzhen won 9 consecutive victories. Data: ...

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Guoan and Jinmen Tiger retired at the same time to help the Chinese Football Association busy

Source: Search Football Domestic media confirmed that Beijing Guoan and Tianjin Jinmen Tiger have submitted the last round of abstaining applications to the ...

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It is not wrong to lose crown in Taishan in Shandong!Three towns have only been on the top of the top two times

Source: Search Football The reporter Feng Zhen said that Guoan and Jinmen Tiger submitted the last round of abstaining applications. In the case of 3-0 wins ...

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massacre!Shandong Dasheng Ningbo 58 points in Ningbo suffered 19 consecutive defeats in the opening season

On December 28th, Beijing time, the 19th round of the CBA regular season, Shandong won 58 points in Ningbo 129-71, and Ningbo suffered a 19-game losing ...

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Lanz Pog Ge Geng 37 Domestic Lore Ming Zhen 25+8 Shandong wins Guangzhou

On December 26th, Beijing time, the 18th round of the CBA regular season, Shandong 112-109 wins Guangzhou. Data: Shandong (11-7): Langz Pogg 37 points, 8 ...

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