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The Scott sent a revenue of $ 120,000, the seventh breakthrough of $ 60 million contestants

On January 9th, Beijing time, Adam Scott performed mediocre in the sentry championship. Among the 38th players, it ranked only 29th. However, because the ...

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The Australian Open Merrons reversed Scott to win the Caihai Women’s Group to win

On December 4th, Beijing time, the Australian Open, which was jointly certified by the DP World Tour and the Australian Tour, fell under the Victorian Golf ...

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Men and women in the Australian Open are different from the same way of competition at the same time

Both Smith (left) and Scott will participate On November 26th, Beijing time, because of the new crown epidemic, Australian men's public offices were ...

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Scott has never joined LIV Smith: I don’t know his thoughts

Scott (left) and Smith On November 25th, Beijing time, 2022 is a year when the US Tour has confronted the LIV golf. Adam Scott is the first batch of people ...

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Scott is self -confident in the golden years without the goal of the goal, the sword refers to the career of the career

Scott On November 25, Beijing time, Adam Scott firmly believed that it was not impossible to increase the victory of the other three Grand Slam to his ...

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Scott will concentrate on fighting for the United States Tour next year.

Scott November 25, Beijing time. Adam Scott won in the US Masters in 2013 and became the only player in Augusta in Augusta. After nearly 10 years, he was ...

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Woods predecessor Williams decided to return to the rivers and lakes and then use the Scott backpack

Williams is a Scott backpack On November 25, Beijing time, Steve Williams will leave the state of retirement. New Zealand senior caddy was the last time to ...

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In the first round of the Australian PGA race, Li Yanyu led Scott T4 Liu Yanwei T9

On November 25th, Beijing time, the 2023 DP World Tour was unveiled in Bridbane, Australia. The Australian PGA Championship launched the first round of ...

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In the post -epidemic period, the healing journey has a dream -Qatar Chapter

The spring of 2022 has arrived. For high golfers, the green travel that is blocked by the epidemic may soon start. The appearance of living around the world ...

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Skols: Ferguson was like Mourinho’s enemies that year

According to the British media "Mirror", Scholes said in an interview recently that Ferguson had the same mentality of Mourinho, and anyone else was an enemy. ...

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