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The power of idols!Rodrigo takes photos to pay tribute to Kobe

At 3 am on December 3, Beijing time, the Brazilian team is about to usher in the third opponent of the group stage Cameroon.Earlier, they won two battles, ...

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Want to get rid of immortality?Rodrigo has made a move to Ronaldo’s legs

After the Brazilian team defeated Switzerland 1-0, after entering the top 16 in advance, Brazilian striker Rodrigo accepted an interview with the "alien" ...

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Cultivate and respect the spirit of the opponent’s spirit Brazil’s coach to let players do not wear the legs in the training

According to the Brazilian media, although Brazilian players have fierce fighting in training, the head coach Titt still prohibits the players from wearing ...

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Rodrigo: After winning the Champions League, you will use the World Cup to hope that Real Madrid fans will support Brazil

The Brazilian international Rodrigo said he won the Champions League championship last season and achieved the first goal in life. He is now facing his ...

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World Chair-Coutinho scoring Real Madrid winger breaks Brazil 4-0 victory

Coutinho score, Brazil 4-0 Beijing time on February 2nd at 08:30 (21:30 local time on the 1st of Brazil), 2022 World Cup South American qualifiers, the 16th ...

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Ze Roberto: Winnie Houz will become Real Madrid Legend Chelsea to enter the UEFA Champions League final

Ze Roberto supported Vinimius to become a legendary figure of Real Madrid. At the same time, he also hinted that Chelsea would defeat his old house and advance ...

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