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Manchester United’s 6 -game winning streak!The Premier League stands only behind Manchester City 1 point

On Tuesday, Manchester United won Burnemouth 3-0 in the Premier League. After winning this victory, Manchester United's various events have achieved 6 ...

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Premier League-Fat Tiger Luke Shawra scored a goal Manchester United 3-0 victory over Bernemouth

In the early morning of January 4, Beijing time, in the 19th round of the Premier League, Manchester United played against Bernharus at home. In the end, the ...

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The Premier League-Arsenal 0-0 Tingaka Newcastle winning is still leading Manchester City 8 points

In the Premier League on Tuesday, the top Arsenal faced Newcastle at home. As a result, both teams forgot to bring shooting boots. In the end, they tied 0-0. ...

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Exposed Enzo will soon transfer to Chelsea’s transfer fee of 130 million Euros to pay 3 -stage payment

According to sources from Sky Sports and Di Mazio, Argentine teenagers Enso Fernandez will transfer to Chelsea from Benfica. Enzo was named the best young ...

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Opportunities for habitual waste!Nunsus 16 times this season will waste opportunities in the Premier League first

In this round of Premier League, Liverpool lost to Brent Ford at 1 to 3, and Nuns wasted another scoring opportunity in the game. In the 6th minute of this ...

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Giant killer!Brent Ford’s first victory Liverpool 3 wins and 2 draws against the BIG6 team

In this round of Premier League, Brent Ford defeated Liverpool 3-1, rose to 7th, and only lagged behind Liverpool, with only 2 points less. According to ...

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Klopp: The opponent is close to the foul every time the corner kick is not blowing

Liverpool lost 1 to 3 in the Premier League on Monday to Brent Ford, and the head coach Clop believes that this is a crazy game. "This is a crazy game. ...

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Premier League-Zhang Bolun’s goal Iron Gaom 英 Liverpool 1-3 losses ended 4 consecutive victories

Liverpool 1-3 guest negative At 01:30 on January 3, Beijing time (17:30 local time on the 2nd of the United Kingdom), the 1922/23 Premier League's 19th ...

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Data: The Premier League 2022-2023 Season 17 The 17th Stock List

Latest standings (as of January 02, 23) <Table style = "background-color: #000000; font-size: 12px; text-align: center;" border = "0" ...

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Chelsea has only 1 victory in the last 7 rounds of the most worst record in the same period in the same period

In the 18th round of the Premier League, Chelsea took 1-1 Pingsin Han Forest, and 4 consecutive leagues were endless. In the last 7 rounds, only one victory ...

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