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Han coach said that he would not deliberately guard against Ronaldo Portuguese coach said whether he was unreasonable

In the final round of the World Cup group stage, South Korea played against Portugal, Portugal has been launched in advance, and the South Korean team must ...

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Cristiano Ronaldo is absent from training on Wednesday or does not participate in competition against South Korea

Portugal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo lacked training on Wednesday and did not know if it would affect his participation in South Korea. The Portuguese team ...

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It is one of the strategies to expose Saudi Arabia to apply for the 2030 World Cup.

According to CBS reporter Ben Jacobs, the Saudi Alnasur Club did not sign an agreement with Ronaldo, and Ronaldo was still studying various options.However, ...

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Reporter: Cristiano Ronaldo has not reached an agreement with the Saudi team but said the offer is attractive

CBS reporter Ben Jacobus recently disclosed some inside story of the Saudi Alnasur Club. According to Jacobs, the two sides have been in contact this ...

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Exposure of the Portuguese Football Association will submit evidence to FIFA to prove that the goal belongs to Ronaldo

According to Ronaldo's friends and Spanish journalist Ajre, the Portuguese Football Association is preparing to provide evidence to FIFA, which proves that a ...

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Multiple media: The sensor data in the ball shows that Cristiano Ronaldo has not touched the ball

On November 29, many media such as ESPN learned from the FIFA that data from the sensor in the game showed that Cristiano Ronaldo did not touch the goal ...

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Morgan: Cristiano Ronaldo confirmed that his head had encountered the ball, and the b fee also agreed

The World Cup group stage ended in the early morning, Portugal defeated Uruguay 2-0, and Portugal's first goal belongs to Ronaldo's controversy caused by ...

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Cristiano Ronaldo in the end?Portugal 2-0 revenge Uruguay to go in advance

In the early morning of November 29th, Beijing time, the focus of the World Cup group H. The focus comes to an end. Portugal defeats Uruguay 2-0 and goes out ...

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Ryinkel talks about Ronaldo without touching the ball but celebrates: I will do it too

In the second round of the World Cup H group stage on Monday, Portugal defeated Uruguay 2-0. In the game, Ronaldo did not meet the ball, but the scene of ...

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Cristiano Ronaldo said after the game: the whole team is great to move forward for dreams

After Portugal defeated Uruguay 2-0, Cristiano Ronaldo spoke on the social platform: "We have entered the World Cup 16! The whole team is very good! In the ...

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