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The United States issued a statement to reiterate that the inbound vaccine requested Djo again to absent from the Sunshine Double Tournament

Djokovic will be absent from the Sunshine Double Tournament due to vaccination Djokovic will not be absent from the ATP1000 Indian Vels and Miami Masters in ...

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Gyolgi is suspected of forging vaccine vaccination documents or facing a suspension punishment

Gyolgi is suspected of forgery of vaccination documents for punishment According to the Italian Republic, the WTA Tour professional player Camilla Georgi is ...

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Former Shenyang Jinde player Wang Ruosi was only 37 years old in the new crown yesterday

According to media reports, Wang Ruosi, a former Shenyang Jinde team player Wang Ruosi, caused the deterioration of basic diseases (diabetes) infection and ...

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Official: Tongxi will not be able to participate in the competition on time for her own reasons.

On December 6th, Beijing time, the CBA league issued an announcement that because the Nanjing Tongxi team is currently in accordance with the "5+3" isolation ...

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The official announcement of Tongxi: A player nucleic acid detection is abnormal

Beijing time on December 6th, the second phase of the CBA regular season will start on December 7. The Nanjing Tongxi team issued a notice today. There is a ...

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Former NBA champion player Wessento joined the Tianjin team

On December 6th, Beijing time, the CBA Tianjin team officially announced that the former NBA player Quinida Veruspo officially joined the team. Weson was ...

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Brazilian cold players are not afraid of being isolated for five days

According to the "Brazil Global News", Neymar, Anthony, Alleyin and other players have cold symptoms, including sore throat and cough. However, Brazilian ...

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CBA Official: 2022 All -Star Weekend will open audiences to enter the venue

Beijing time on November 22, the CBA Alliance officially announced that the CBA All -Star Weekend will open the venue in 2022. The 2022 CBA All-Star Weekend ...

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Video-Guli: The epidemic will eventually defeat Chongqing Xiong!

Article and video transfer from: Chongqing Daily Recently, the situation of the Chongqing epidemic situation is severe and complicated. The famous Chongqing ...

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The Lakers teenager infected the new crown trigger agreement the season three -pointers 54%

On November 17th, Beijing time, according to the Lakers and team reporter Diff McMina, the Lakers rookie Marx Christie triggered a health and safety ...

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