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Data Revelation-Is Manchester United ’s penalty?

How reasonable is Manchester United's penalty? The famous Premier League has quarreled recently! First of all, Mourinho ridiculed Manchester United's ...

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The British coach defends the criminal minister: He is the top to go to Manchester United to put him unprecedentedly

Manchester United Central defender Macui was recklessly ate red cards in the game in England's 0-1, but Sos Gate still defended him. "In my opinion, he is a ...

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England’s second red!The Chelsea macho was sent off the fan: the referee blind

England was 0-1 to Denmark in the European Union's home. In addition to the red card of Macquer, one of the Three Lions also had a red, but it only appeared ...

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Kick!Manchester United captain in 30 minutes of redness!Famous Angry criticism: No brain

Maluire's 30 -minute dyeing red end England lost to Denmark 0-1 at home, and Macui's red card is undoubtedly a turning point in the game. Manchester ...

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