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Gua Shuai: If Barcelona needs it, I can go back to coach

Although Guardiola has just renewed his contract with Manchester City, he said that if Barcelona needs him, he is willing to return to the Camp Nou Stadium ...

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Belgium is internal?Deblawn said that the team is too old at 35 veterans to respond

The last World Cup won the third place in Belgium. It performed in this World Cup group stage. In the second round, they lost to Morocco 0-2, and the outlook ...

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Belgian coach: After losing the first goal, the team has been set for 6 years without progress

In the second round of the World Cup group stage, the championship hit Belgium and lost 0-2 to Morocco 0-2. Belgium lost 1 goal in the 73rd minute, and the ...

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Azar: As long as I am in the state, I can win the championship

Belgium's golden generation has been fighting side by side for many years, but has never won the championship. Dablaine believes that the team is difficult ...

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Deblawn’s performance generally gets the best self -deprecation after the game: Reliable by fame

In the first round of the World Cup group stage F, Belgium defeated Canada with 1-0 goals in Bashaya, and DeBlaune won the best trophy in the audience after ...

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Manchester City officially announced that it has been practiced with the head of Guardiola to continue until 2025

On November 23, the Manchester City Club officially announced that the contract had extended the contract of Guardiola for 2 years, and his contract period ...

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Warm heart!Grallish World Cup jumping from caterpillar dance and fans’ agreement

On Monday, the England team defeated the Iranian team with a 6-2 score in the World Cup group stage. Grallish jumped with caterpillar dance after scoring, ...

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British Level 7 Team Seeking to rent Harad 28 Days of World Cup to play games

The World Cup is about to start, and Manchester City shooter Harland will get a long vacation because Norwegian teams have not entered the World Cup. Gua ...

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Gua Shuai: Manchester City lost because Tony has nothing to do with Tony and the World Cup

Manchester City was defeated by Brent Ford 2: 1 in the Premier League on Saturday. The bishop taught the Guadiola after admitting that the team played worse ...

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Tony Lore Manchester City Volleyball League Sagittarius List No. 3 Regrets the World Cup

In this round of Premier League, Manchester City lost to Brent Ford 1-2 at home. Tony performed well and contributed a good show of Mei Kai. He broke the ...

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