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James 35+8+10 Wei Shao three pairs missed the Lakers and lost to 76 people

On January 16, Beijing time, the Lakers lost to 76 people from 112-113. 76ers (27-16): Embiid 35 points, 11 rebounds, 4 assists, Harden 24 points, 7 ...

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legend!James has the youngest record of all thousand points in the history of NBA

On January 16, Beijing time, the Lakers played against 76 people.The Lakers' star LeBron James officially leapt 38,000 points of milestone across his career, ...

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James bumped 12 points in the first quarter into history 2nd place 38000 points, Mr. 38,000 points

On January 16th, Beijing time, the Los Angeles Lakers team welcomed 76 people at home at home. When the game entered the second half of the first quarter, ...

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The Lakers coach is satisfied with the two centers, claiming to continue to observe

On January 15th, Beijing time, according to relevant media reports, in an interview today, the Los Angeles Lakers head coach Darwin Ham talked about the two ...

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Create history!Development Alliance 188 is invited to participate in the dunk contest

On January 14th, Beijing time, according to the famous NBA reporter Shams-Charania, Mike Micron, a player who currently played for the NBA Development ...

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Lakers Lone Ranger Report: 7 misjudges key fouls were missed

On January 14, Beijing time, the NBA officially announced the referee report of the Lakers and Lone Ranger. The referee reported that the last two minutes of ...

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Bench Wei Shao’s 12 assists in the Double League for a total of 10 alternatives 10 times

On January 11, Beijing time, after Russell Westbrook was arranged by the head coach Darwin Him this season, his performance has been significantly improved, ...

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James lacks the Lakers to stop 5 consecutive victory over the three doubles of James

On January 10, Beijing time, the Nuggets won 122-109 in the regular season of the NBA, the Nuggets won 3 consecutive victories, and the Lakers won 5 ...

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Better brows will return to Los Angeles tomorrow to start recovery training to prepare for a comeback

On January 10, Beijing time, according to relevant media reports, the Los Angeles Lakers star Andonie Davis has begun to make a return preparation. Recently, ...

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Officially announced the best: James Mitchell was elected respectively

On January 10, Beijing time, the NBA official today announced the best players of the East and West last week. The Los Angeles Lakers 'LeBron James and the ...

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