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President of the United States Talk to the LIV League confrontation: Now is the competition of products and products

On January 10, Beijing time, Jay Monahan, president of the US Tour, described the two tournaments on Sunday, pointed out that they were taking different ...

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The top ten storms of golf are out of LIV to press Michelson Mai Woods

Mikelson On January 2, Beijing time, "Golf Digest" in the United States selected 2022 NEWSMAKER, of which the top five were:

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The only 54 hole in the Mexican tour also won the world points liv

On December 31st, Beijing time, the Gira de Golf Professional de Mexicana has gained world points after a 16 -month application cycle. This announcement of ...

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The world ranking is weird: the ranking of six liv players does not fall

Valna III On December 28th, Beijing time, the bonus income was guaranteed, and at the same time, the world rankings also guaranteed to fall.When a player ...

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LIV encounters the world ranking to crack down on the world’s 20 people from 8 to 2

On Monday, December 28th, Beijing time, the final issue of the last issue of 2022 was announced.McRur was in the world's first place at the end of the year. ...

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In 2022, the year of talking about money, LIV made 52 people easily account for millions of dollars

Dustin-Johnson On December 22, Beijing time, there is no need to argue. This year, in the professional golf world this year, people's discussion of money is ...

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Augusta lists 9 golf heroes deliberately over Mickelson

Mikelson On December 21, Beijing time, Mickelson, the champion of the three American Masters, did not play in Augusta last year because he scolded Saudi ...

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16 LIV players won 20.5% of the 2023 American Masters Tournament

Mikelson On December 21, Beijing time, 16 of the 78 players who are currently qualified to participate in the American Masters are LIV players, including 6 ...

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The American Masters will not ban the LIV player disappointed professional golf split

On December 21, Beijing time, next year's American Masters still welcomes those who leave the US Tour to join the LIV golf. Although on Tuesday, Augusta ...

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LIV announced that the three new hosting stadiums dug away the US Tour to host the venue

On December 15th, Beijing time, LIV golf announced the three new venues in the 2023 season. Next year, the LIV Golf will hold a 14 -stop competition. From ...

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