Li Haotong
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China Ranking: Yuan Yichun ranks the top of Li Haotong and Wu Ashun rose slightly

On January 10, Beijing time, because there were no Chinese players participating in world points last week, their world ranking changes were mainly caused by ...

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China’s top ten goals in the world ranking rising and falling analysis of overseas warfare achievements are significant

On January 5th, Beijing time, 2022 has passed, how can the world rankings of mainland Chinese players change? A lot of fans are concerned. The following we ...

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China Ranking: Li Haotong, the four -person international stage, rose one by one

Li Haotong On November 22, Beijing time, the four Chinese players who fought on the international stage all received world points, but only Li Haotong rose ...

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DP World Tour Championship Xiaofei Leading Wu Ashun grabbed 9 birds and rose to T20

Fitz Patrick (left) and Handaton Beijing time on November 19th, this year, the US Open Champions Matt Fitz Patrick and Tyrier Hatton played hard to solve ...

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Flitwood Win Rilelli Bank Tournament Wu Ashun T25, Li Haotong T61

Flitwood Beijing time on November 14th, the famous England General Tommy Flitwood staged a good championship with New Zealand Ryan Fox at the Gary Player ...

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Riley Bank Challenge Twenty -end Round Li Haotong T23 Wu Ashun T52

Donald On November 12th, Beijing time, the Riley Bank Challenge Challenge, a total bonus of $ 6 million, played a second round of competition at the ...

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Fox Leading Leili Bank Challenge Lee Hao Tong T32 Wu Ashun T46

Li Haotong Beijing time on November 11th, the New Zealander Ryan Fox, who is in a good condition, bombed 64 (-8) at the Gary Player Country Club (-8) at the ...

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China Ranking: Yuan Yichun ranks first Li Haotong Wu Ashun rising slightly

On November 8th, Beijing time, most Chinese players were resting, including Li Haotong, Wu Ashun, and Zhang Xinjun, but their world rankings rose. Dou ...

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