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Ligue 1 Mbappe loses a single-knife Terrard to break the goal in Paris and lead 3 points in Paris

4:00 on January 16th, Beijing time (21:00 local time in France), 2022/23 season French enlightenment in the 19th round of the French Focus, Paris ...

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Real Madrid has lost in the league for the second time this season and has not been able to win Huang Qian for 6 years

In this round of La Liga, Real Madrid lost 1 to 2 away to Billyreal. It is worth mentioning that Real Madrid has failed to defeat Villarreal in the away game ...

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Both La Liga-Both Sides were judged to lose 1: 2 guest to lose Biliareal 1 to 2

In the early morning of January 8th, Beijing time, the 16th round of La Liga, Real Madrid lost 1-2 away to Biliareal. In the 46th minute of the game, Mendi ...

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The French Cup-Ekitik’s continuous breakthrough in Paris 3-1 will advance to the top 32

4:00 on January 7, Beijing time (21:00 local time in France), 2022/23 French Cup 1/32 finals, Paris was eliminated 3-1 away, Satu was promoted, Ekitik, ...

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Harvey: We must win before the overtime game. We must learn from

In the King's Cup 1/16 final, Barcelona eliminated the Three Level 3 team Intel City through overtime.In the game, Barcelona led three times and was ...

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Kings Cup-Fatiga Time Lore Rafinia transmits Barcelona 4-3 wins

Barcelona Times 4-3 victory over and advanced Beijing time on January 5th at 04:00 (21:00, local time on the 4th of Spain), 2022/23 King's Cup 1/16 finals, ...

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The King Cup-Rodrigo scored the only goal to score Real Madrid and advanced to the top 16

In the early morning of January 4, Beijing time, the Spanish King Cup 1/16 final, Real Madrid away against the West Association B team (4th team) Kashernio ...

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Real Madrid scored 17 penalty kicks in 2022 the most penalty kicks.

In this round of La Liga, Real Madrid defeated Balladolid 2-0 for 2-0 with Benzema's plum, and one of them scored a penalty kick.Coupled with this penalty, ...

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32 unbeaten in Paris has ended the last 6 away teams in the last 6th away teams.

In the 17th round of Ligue 1, Neymar was suspended, Messi was missing, Mbappe failed to lead the team to win. They lost to Langs 1 to 3.Langs's advantage ...

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Ligueari-Ekitik broke the doors in Paris 1-3 Langs suffered the first defeat in the league

3:45 on January 2nd, Beijing time (20:45 local time in France), 2022/23 season of the 17th round of the French Ligue 1 focus of the competition, Paris ...

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