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Nuns broke the two -month score and scored 10 goals in Liverpool

In the third round of the Football Cup, Liverpool's home was 2-2 draws. It is worth mentioning that Nunnez broke his goal shortage of his 2 months in two ...

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Super mistake!Alison was smiled by Karilius’s opponent’s opponent

In the third round of the Football Cup, Liverpool played against the Wolves at home. In the 26th minute of the game, Liverpool goalkeeper Alison had a low ...

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Opportunities for habitual waste!Nunsus 16 times this season will waste opportunities in the Premier League first

In this round of Premier League, Liverpool lost to Brent Ford at 1 to 3, and Nuns wasted another scoring opportunity in the game. In the 6th minute of this ...

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Giant killer!Brent Ford’s first victory Liverpool 3 wins and 2 draws against the BIG6 team

In this round of Premier League, Brent Ford defeated Liverpool 3-1, rose to 7th, and only lagged behind Liverpool, with only 2 points less. According to ...

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Klopp: The opponent is close to the foul every time the corner kick is not blowing

Liverpool lost 1 to 3 in the Premier League on Monday to Brent Ford, and the head coach Clop believes that this is a crazy game. "This is a crazy game. ...

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dramatic!Liverpool players have not scored 1 goal and finally won 2-1 to win the city of Leicester

In this round of the Premier League, a dramatic game was played. Liverpool defeated Leicester City 2-1 at home. It is worth mentioning that Liverpool players ...

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Liverpool official announcement with Gakpo: Wearing the 18th jersey contract to 2028

On Wednesday, Liverpool officially announced that it had signed the Dutch forward Kakpo from Eindhoven. Liverpool and Garker signed in June 2028. He will ...

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54 assists!Robertson’s most assisted defender in the history of the Premier League

In the Premier League of the Premier League on Monday, Liverpool took Aston Vera 3 to 1 away and scored all 3 points.It is worth mentioning that Liverpool ...

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Salah 1 goal 1 ball to win the best game of the game and refresh multiple data

In this round of Premier League, Liverpool defeated Aston Vera 3-1 with the goals of Salah, Van Dick, and Bayschech. After scoring the goal in this game, ...

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Eindhoven official: Agreement has reached an agreement with Liverpool on Gakbo’s transfer

In the early morning of December 27th, Beijing time, Eindhoven officially announced that it had reached an agreement with Liverpool's transfer to the Dutch ...

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