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Inter was angry!The opponent’s player stumbled down the referee but canceled Inter’s goal

In this round of Serie A, Inter, 2 to 2 on the away game. It is worth mentioning that a goal that Inter was blowing off in this game was a bit wrong. In the ...

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Serie A-Raitaro steal the door and the middle pillar Inter Mi Mi 2-2 Monza away

In the early morning of January 8th, Beijing time, in the 17th round of Serie A, Inter, 2-2 away with Monza away, was ended with three consecutive victories. ...

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The 36 -year -old Zheko scored in the history of the 20 -ball team in Intermine and said that he would work hard

In the early morning of Thursday, Beijing time, in the 16th round of Serie A, Inter, defeated Naples 1-0 with the only goal of Zheke, Milan won 3 consecutive ...

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Inter will the end of the five major leagues of the 11 -game winning victory of Naples.

In the early morning of Thursday, Beijing time, in the 16th round of Serie A, Inter, defeated Naples 1-0 at home, Domo scored the only goal in the game. ...

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Onna announced the withdrawal from the Cameroon National Team. The coach was expelled from the team

Ouna, who was expelled from the national team during the World Cup, officially announced his withdrawal from the Cameroon National Team, but he said that ...

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Exposure of Lukaku’s cancellation of the holiday will return to the country Mijia Droba to defend him

According to Italian newspapers, Lukaku, which was hit by Belgium in the World Cup, will cancel holidays and immediately return to Inter Milan for additional ...

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It was revealed that Ohana did not leave the Cameroon team coach and said that as long as he apologized, he could return

According to the Spanish "Marca News", the Cameroon goalkeeper Aona has not left the national team as some media reports.Back to the team. It is reported ...

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A quarrel with the coach quarrel goalkeeper Ouna left the Cameroon team

Before the World Cup G Group Camelon's match against Serbia, the Cameroon goalkeeper Aona left the team. According to Athletic Network, 26 -year -old Ohana ...

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Lukaku has not participated in team training so far, and will be absent from the first round of the group stage.

Lukaku, who was selected into the Belgian national team, followed the team to Qatar on Friday, but so far he has not participated in the team's practice. It ...

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Domoic Serie A 250 games have completed the second time of Meetland, the Gate of Atlanta Two times

In this round of Serie A, Inter, defeated Atlanta 3 to 2 away, Zhekomi opened twice, and is the great contributor to the team. In the case of 0 to 1 behind, ...

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