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Henan leader: Thanks to the team for insisting on ending the season with victory

On December 30, the 34th round of the Super League, the Hebei team 0-4 Songshan Longmen, Henan, and Chen Ming, the leader of Songshan Longmen, Henan, ...

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The last 3 rounds of the Super League still hold the initiative in Henan Bao Sixu and Four

The reporter Lumi reported that the last three rounds were left in the overtime. The Henan team, who was confident at the beginning of the season, had ...

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Official: Songshan Longmen, Henan to exit the Football Association Cup Shenhua automatic promotion

On December 19, the Chinese Football Association Cup officially issued an announcement on the retirement of Songshan Longmen, Henan. According to the ...

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Adrian contract is about to expire and update social media: Where will I go next?

On December 11th, 36 -year -old Songshan Longmen Foreign Aid of Songshan, Henan updated his personal social media, and he did not know where he would go in ...

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Harveil: The injury causes the forced to substitute and wants youth players to come forward

Last night, in the 30th round of the Chinese Super League, the Songshan Longmen team in Henan tied the Tianjin Jinmen Tiger team 1-1 away.After the game, ...

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Adrian: Henan is just ahead of the leading and lost two points.

On December 10, the 2022 Chinese Super League ended the 30th round of competition.After the game, the Songshan Longmen team in Henan scored a goal and ...

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Super League-Aderian Jian Gong Xie Weijun equalized Jinmen Tiger 1-1 to draw Henan

At 20:00 on December 10, Beijing time, the 30th round of the 2022 Super League continued, the Tianjin Jinmen Tiger Team took the Guanhonghu Football Base in ...

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Official Football Association: Kalanga kicked the opponent’s player to suspend the game 3 fines 30,000

On December 7, the Chinese Football Association Calanga, who implemented violence in Songshan Longmen and Chengdu Rongcheng competitions in Henan, made 3 ...

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Harvel: The players have done their best to make a comment in the final stage.

On December 5th, in the 29th round of the 2022 Super League, the Songshan Longmen team in Henan was killed by the Chengdu Rongcheng team at the last ...

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Super League-Saldania Killing Karana Dye Hong Henan 0-1 Chengdu Rongcheng

At 19:30 on December 5th, Beijing time, the 29th round of the 2022 Super League continued, and the Songshan Longmen Team of Henan Sitting at home Jinjiang ...

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