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Guan Xiaodao Renjiu: Parisian Battle Manchester United Balencia’s flat prevention

Deng Bosi VS Udler Branch Youth Team Dengbos ended the journey with the 11th place last season. This season, the 18 rounds of battles made a 6 -win, 1 draw ...

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Guan Xiaodao Renjiu: Manchester City is the gall of Manchester United Barcelona to prevent cold

Neol VS Bobo City FC The Norol 2020/2021 season was difficult to stay in France B after relegation, and finally got the 13th performance last season.This ...

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Guan Xiaodao Ren Jiu: Manchester United do gall about Manchester City Chelsea anti -cooling

Reading vs Swansea Readin has been undulating in the past two seasons. The 2020/2021 season is ranked seventh. They only upgraded the playoffs with a ...

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Guan Xiaodao Ren Jiu: Croatian Sibro as a bold Berne Lipus anti -cooling

Croatia vs Morocco The Croatian semi -finals lost to Argentina 0-3, and the dream of the two consecutive World Cups was declared crushing.Even so, the grid ...

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Guan Xiaodao Renjiu: Portugal is a bile Brazil to prevent cold

Dutch VS Argentina This Dutch team's depression tradition has a full attack and full defending style, adheres to the strategy of priority and stability, ...

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Guan Xiaodao Renjiu: Brazil is brave, Argentina Portuguese anti -cooling

Argentina vs Australia As one of the popular popularity of the championship, Argentina burst into shock when it appeared, whether it was losing Jingzhou or ...

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Guan Xiaodao Renjiu: Germany is a bile England Portuguese anti -cooling!

Ecuador VS Senegal After Ecuador 2-0 victory over the host Qatar in the first round, the second round tied the Netherlands 1 to 1. Currently, 4 points are ...

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Guan Xiaodao Renjiu: Argentine Dutch bold, England Brazil’s flatness!

England vs United States The first round of England was revealed, sweeping Iran in 6 to 2, and won a strong opening. Although the foot injury was worried ...

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Guan Xiaodao Renjiu: Bayern Arsenal is a gallbladder Tottenham Lever anti -cooling

Bernemouth vs Everton Bernemouth was the first team of the Premier League this season. After being slaughtered by Liverpool at 0-9 at the end of August, ...

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Guan Xiaodao Ren Jiu: Manchester City Bayern is the gall Milan Liz to prevent cold

Barcelona VS Almeia Barcelona's bonus buying is intended to reshape the glory of the past. However, the five rounds of the Champions League group stage ...

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