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Australian Open-Nadal defending the first show, challenge 3-1, Dereper opened the door to open the door

Nadal Australia's men's singles in the first round of the game challenged 3-1 defeat Dresper 3-1 On January 16th, Beijing time, the first round of focus of ...

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Federer posted a article to mourn the global sports idols of Bailey!Fortunate to meet you

Federer posted a retrospective ball Wang Beili Belle King Beli died of illness on December 29 at the age of 82; almost the entire sports circle mourned and ...

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Djo: Deep in my heart, I still long for honor and create the history of tennis movement

Dejo: Deep in your heart still eager for honor is to create a history of tennis ATP year-end finals men's singles final, 35-year-old Djokovic locks the ...

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Djo’s 11th single -quarter win 5 championship time after 7 years of the finals, holding a cup to create a record

Djokovic at the age of 35 at the age of 35 to win the year -end final men's singles championship 2022 is an unusual and extraordinary year for Djokovic.In ...

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Djejo’s 4.74 million full winning champion awards record 2022 season bonus king

On the way to win the championship, I was tired of shaking hands to the end. In Turin, Djokovic 5 wins and 5 wins, the sixth time in his career, holding the ...

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Dejo 4 consecutive Lude Finals Six Champions League Broken Net Altar Single Bonus Records

Djokovic won the year -end finals championship for the sixth time, and won $ 4.7403 million In the early morning of November 21, Beijing time, the 2022 ATP ...

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Djo: I will fight for the finals and never give up to find a better self

Djokovic: Listen to me, what is the champion mentality In Turin's 4 -game winning streak, 6 consecutive kills of Freitz, the 8th time he broke into the ATP ...

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Dejo Double Robbing Seven Wins and 6 consecutive kills Freitz Nursing 8 Entering Finals Finals Championship

Djokovic overcame the passive of 3-5 in the second set, and the double robbing seven wins and six consecutive kill Friez took the lead to advance to the ...

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Djo: The big scene is the fighting spirit. I just want to win every battle.

Djo: Important big scenes are always inner confrontation and fighting will of fighting will After 3 hours and 11 minutes, after Djokovic's victory broke ...

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Nadal: I don’t know if I can return to that level, but I am willing to work hard

Nadal: I don’t know if I can return to that level, but I am willing to work hard Lost Friez first, and then lost Aliaxim, and then calculated the fourth ...

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