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The two officials of the Football Association were taken away by the media: There is still greater fish to be arrested

Source: Search Football On the morning of January 16th, Beijing time, Yuan Jia, a football commentator, said on the social platform that the senior management ...

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The Football Association Executive Committee was removed from the former Secretary -General Liu Yi

On January 15, according to the "Beijing Youth Daily" report, the eighth meeting of the Eleventh Executive Committee of the China Football Association was ...

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U23 player policy in the new season may be abolished for 6 years to implement the China Super League for 6 years.

Source: Xiao Yan/Beijing Youth Daily The U23 player policy, which began in the 2017 season, has been controversial due to interest and disadvantages since its ...

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Official: Honda Keisuke resigned as the coach of the Cambodian national team

On January 4, the Cambodian Football Association officially announced that Honda Keisuke resigned as the head coach of the national team. Honda Keisuke is ...

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Football Association thanks to Dalian: undertake almost all national football games

The Chinese Super League is about to end this season. The Chinese Football Association officials recently issued a long text for the strong support of the ...

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Mediaman: Previously, as long as Chen Yiyuan and the team, the national team had to play cards with the team

On December 30, according to the media person Li Xuan, before the 40s and the top 12, as long as the Football Association chairman Chen Yiyuan followed the ...

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The National Sports Director Meeting was held!Gao Zhidan: Strengthen the “Three Balls” work

Reporter Cheng Shan reported that on December 27th, the National Sports Director's Meeting was held in Beijing on December 27. The meeting comprehensively ...

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The official response of the Football Association is here!Two major iron certificates to refute the three towns of Wuhan

Source: Search Football At 10 am on December 28th, Beijing time, the Chinese Football Association and the Central Football Union preparatory team jointly ...

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Reporter: The Yangtze River wanted to withdraw from the Football Association in August to avoid the steps to make a step forward.

On December 27th, the 33rd round of the Chinese Super League, Wuhan Yangtze River 1-3 lost to Chengdu Rongcheng to downgrade in advance. According to media ...

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The three towns issued a statement at 1 am: the spear head points to the Football Association to fight against the dark forces

Source: Tai'an Daily · Most Thai Security Media Niu Zhiming At 1 am on December 27, Beijing time, Wuhan's three towns officially issued a statement to express ...

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