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Zhejiang Team thanks to fans: We will fight for the missed trophy

After the FA Cup missed the championship, the Zhejiang team official blog once again thanked the fans for their support. The Zhejiang team official blog ...

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Yao Junsheng: Unfortunately, the Zhejiang team failed to win the FA Cup championship

After 1-2 in the FA Cup finals lost to the runner-up in Taishan, Shandong, Zhejiang team player Yao Junsheng wrote his own post on his personal social ...

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The starting of the Football Association Cup: 4 Foreign Aid PK Double Foreign Aid Jadong Substitute Ji Xiang debut

At 15:30 on January 15th, Beijing time, the 2022 China Football Association Cup finals started. The Zhejiang team faced the Shandong Taishan team in the ...

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Reporter: Guo Tianyu took the initiative to return to the team before the start of the FA Cup

The 2022 China Football Association Cup final is about to start. According to reporters Niu Zhiming, Guo Tianyu, who had left the team because of family ...

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Hao Wei: Felilei’s shoulder injury needs to rest for three weeks to make a penalty for playing penalty

The press conference before the Football Association Cup finals was held this afternoon. Hao Wei, head coach of Shandong Taishan, and Song Long with his team ...

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Wu Lei: The most unforgettable Shanghai Derby scoring the goal and looking forward to the Football Association Cup champion

Source: Shangguan News Author: Chen Hua Wu Lei will once again usher in the opportunity to impact the Football Association Cup championship.On January 11, ...

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The Football Association promotes the seed plan and the Chinese Super Players will enter the campus interaction

Source: Surging News On the afternoon of January 11th, the semi -final of the FA Cup this season is about to be staged -Shandong Luneng VS Shanghai Shenhua, ...

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On the 11th of the FA Cup semi -final, a fixed winning defeat attracted fans to watch the game on the spot

Source: Shangguan News Author: Chen Hua Iron fans can buy tickets through barley online and go to the scene to cheer. The price of ball tickets is also very ...

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Is the Harbor impacting the FA Cup Champion Oscar Oscar or a stumbling block?

Source: Shangguan News Author: Chen Hua Defend the reputation of the first foreign aid of the Super League.In the second round of the quarter -finals of ...

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Shenhua Youth Army is promoted to the Football Association Cup semi -final green space to leave youth training

Source: Surging News For Shenhua, which has been performing well in the FA Cup in the past few years, it has been subject to various reasons. This season, I ...

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