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Well worse?The German Football Association was investigated

At the pre -match press conference against Spain on November 26th, the German team only participated in the German team, and the German team players ...

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A substitute debut contribute 1 goal 1 to the rescuer Abu Bakar won the best official in the audience

In the second round of the World Cup group stage, Cameroon 3-3 Pinlvia, after the game, the Cameroon player Abu Baka was selected by the World Cup as the ...

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Five savings help the team to win Swiss goalkeeper Somers won the best

In the first round of the World Cup group stage, Switzerland defeated Cameroon 1-0.He contributed 5 rescue in this game. Statistics show that Somers touched ...

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Breaking through the Motherland’s Cameroon team, Switzerland forward Enshol refused to celebrate

In the first round of the World Cup group stage, Swiss striker Enshol broke through the door of the Cameroon team of his motherland, and he must have a sense ...

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Xinhua News Agency Personnel Viewpoint: Football Unity World!

Xinhua News Agency, Dhaha, November 22 (Reporter Gongbing) In the 90th minute, Belinham made the offensive in the middle, Kalom Wilson broke into the penalty ...

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The World Cup is not only a football Iranian player refusing to sing the national anthem to attract attention

In the World Cup group stage, England against Iran, the content of this game is not just football. At the competition, Iranian female fans raised the ...

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At the opening ceremony of the World Cup: Inspirational youth goals are diplomats

At the opening ceremony of the World Cup, the conversation between the travelers played by the well -known American actor Morgan Freman and a Qatar disabled ...

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The weakest host?Qatar let the World Cup host the undefeated record of the first battle ended

In the early morning of Monday, Beijing time, Qatar lost 0-2 to Ecuador in the World Cup. The unbeaten record of the so -called host ’s first battle is that ...

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Qatar World Cup opening ceremony: Friman String of Korean Star Performance

On November 20th, the opening ceremony of the Qatar World Cup in 2022 was held at the Daha Sea Bay Stadium.The French team of the last championship team, ...

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Oppose Qatar to host the World Cup in Germany, there is a bar in Germany, not operating during a bar game in Germany

The four -year World Cup has begun, and the bar has also ushered in the hot stage of business. However, there is a bar in Germany who follows the opposite ...

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