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Dongcic 34 points, three doubles, Walan 25+10 Lone Ranger Capture Pelicans

Sina Sports January 8th. The Lone Ranger sat at home against the Pelicans.In the end, the Lone Ranger defeated the Pelicans 127-117. In this game, Dongcic ...

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Dongcic 34 points, three pairs of Walan empty cut 25+10 Lone Ranger to pick up the Pelicans

On January 8th, Beijing time, the NBA regular season, Lone Ranger 127-117 easily defeated the Pelicans. Lone Ranger (23-17): Dongcic 34 points, 10 rebounds ...

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The Lone Ranger announced that the Kenba Walker had a single nuclear team and scored 32 points

On January 7, Beijing time, the Lone Ranger officially announced that the team had cut off the defender Kenba Walker. Because the two players of the Lone ...

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NBA video playback last week exceeds 1.1 billion the highest record in a single week

On January 6, Beijing time, the NBA officially announced that last week's NBA video viewing exceeded 1.1 billion times, setting the highest record of NBA ...

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The best in December: Dongcichh Embiid was elected as James and was nominated

On January 4th, Beijing time, the NBA officially announced the best player in December 2022. Lone Ranger Luca-Dongcic was elected to the best player in the ...

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Dongcic 39+12+8 Potter 25 points Lone Rocket reverse the Rockets 7 consecutive victories

On January 3, Beijing time, the NBA regular season, Lone Ranger 111-106 reversed the defeat of the Rockets, and the Lone Ranger won 7 consecutive victories. ...

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Zhou Best: Doncic Po is elected as James Durant nominated

On January 3, Beijing time, the NBA officially announced the best player of the Eastern Western Week in the 11th week of the season. The Best Western Week ...

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Wood Tan Show Night: I will send my girlfriend to the airport, she will gone forever

On January 2nd, Beijing time, Wood, the striker Wood, recalled his tragic experience when he was defeated.Speaking of his own election, Wood said that he had ...

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Dongcic 51+6+9 Kellden 30 points Lone Ranger victory over Spurs 6 consecutive victories

On January 1, Beijing time, the NBA regular season, the Lone Ranger won the Spurs 126-125, and the Lone Ranger won 6 consecutive victories. Data: Lone ...

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077 is super god!Two explosives 95 points to make a three -pair score record for consecutive doubles

On December 30, Beijing time, the Dallas Lone Ranger team faced the Houston Rockets at home. In this game, Luca-Dongcic performed well, and finally led Lone ...

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