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The Zhuhai Women’s Challenge Challenge Sun Jiaze leading Fan Shuangshuang 2 shots for the third crown season

Sun Jiaze (Zhuhai, Guangdong, December 22, 2022) In the winter solstice, the severe test of the Zhuhai Oriental Golf Club has not changed at all, so that ...

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Guowei Central Plaza Zhuhai Women’s Championship Upgrade Champions World points 3 points

Zeng Liqi On December 21st, Beijing time, this Friday, no matter who holds the Guowei Central Plaza Zhuhai Women's Challenge trophy, the world points she ...

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The first round of the Zhuhai Women’s Challenge Zhao Zhimeng led Ren Yan, the 2nd Sun Jiaze T3

Zhao Zhimeng (Zhuhai, Guangdong, December 21, 2022) Shaanxi 20 -year -old girl Zhao Zhimeng was lost to Pan Yanhong in the Zhuhai Women's Challenge of ...

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Zhang Jiaying Huamei Ji Fu Champions Championship locks in the Guangdong Tour Prize Bonus King

Zhang Jia On December 20th, Beijing time, the 2022 Guangdong Tour of the 2022 Guangdong Tour · Huamei Jimei Championship ended all the game at the Polyyun ...

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There is no significant change in China’s ranking Lin Xizhen leading Zhang Yahui Antong’s small rise

Lin Xizheng On December 20, Beijing time, Chinese players took a week. Their world ranking naturally fluctuated very small. Lin Xizhen was still in the ...

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China Ranking: Zhou Ziqin won the championship and rose to 136 -bit Jing Zeyu Lie 2079

Zhou Ziqin On December 20th, Beijing time, amateur teenager Zhou Ziqin made a breakthrough in Xiamen East, won the Chinese and High Communist Association ...

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Wu Yinxuan: After studying at the righteous track of golf, I think about my career

17 -year -old Jiangxi Nanchang guy Wu Yinxuan is one of the best golf players in Jiangxi Province and the hottest champion of the National Youth of ...

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The 16 -year -old player Zhou Ziqin wins the Chinese high school Championship, Jing Zeyu won the runner -up

Zhou Ziqin holds the cup (photography/Wang Liming) On December 17th, Beijing time, Xiamen Oriental Golf Rural Club, Shenzhen 16 -year -old amateur player ...

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-“Feng Shanshan College Cup” Qiu Zihang and Zhang Yahui won the cup

On December 16th, with Zhang Yahui, in the Canadian match, Bao Pa and holding the women's group A championship trophy, 2022 "Feng Shanshan College Cup" ...

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Enter a hole!Zhou Ziqin and Xun Zihan tied for the leading competition of the China -high Association

Zhou Ziqin (Photography: Chen Huafeng) On December 16th, Beijing time, Zhou Zi, a 16 -year -old amateur player in Shenzhen, was diligent in Xiamen Oriental ...

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