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Football Association Clean up the arrears: Ning Que does not work hard to compromise the 18 teams

Reporter Chen Yong reported that on January 6, 2023, it was the last data submission date of the third node of the Chinese Football Professional League's ...

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Football News: League New Year-end New Year -2023 temporary or 2024 opening

Reporter Chen Yong reports that the Chinese Football Professional League currently faces many problems. The main two problems. The first problem is to ...

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Official: Nantong Zhiyun and naturalized players Yang Mingyang renewed to 2025

On January 1, the official news of Zhongjia Nantong Zhiyun, the club and Yang Mingyang renewed to 2025. Nantong Zhiyun officially wrote: "Recently, Nantong ...

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12.31 Solution without pardon!How many teams can China Super League go?

Source: Xu Yi's sports circle The China Football Association recently issued the "Notice on the implementation of related policies for the 2022 season of the ...

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Former Shenyang Jinde player Wang Ruosi was only 37 years old in the new crown yesterday

According to media reports, Wang Ruosi, a former Shenyang Jinde team player Wang Ruosi, caused the deterioration of basic diseases (diabetes) infection and ...

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Nantong Zhiyun Investor: Once selling houses and equity to players pays salary

On December 12th, this season, China Jianong Zhiyun was successful in two rounds. The Football News interviewed Fan Bing, the club investor Fan Bing, and ...

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Football News: Nantong Zhiyun Chong Plan to achieve one year in advance

On December 12, according to the "Football News" report, the Nantong Zhiyun, which has completed the overtaking over this season, has always adhered to the ...

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Deputy President of Tianshan Snow Leopard Xinjiang: is actively looking for new investors

According to the "Football News", the Xinjiang Tianshan Snow Leopard, which was called "China Uncle" by Chinese fans, has been looking for new investors. On ...

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2022 China A League ended successfully in Kunshan strongly breaking two records

On the afternoon of December 8th, Beijing time, the 34th round of the 2022 season of the Sino -A League held the final battle, and the Kunshan team welcomed ...

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Zhongjia-Lu Yongtao reversed the victory of the Liaoning Shenyang City 1-2 losses Youth Island

On December 8th, Beijing time, the 2022 season of the A League ended the 34th round of official battles, and the Shenyang City team in Liaoning lost to ...

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