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Swiss goalkeeper foul?260,000 fans ask for re -racing in Switzerland, France

The French team has been eliminated by the European Cup by Switzerland, but the dispute around the competition continues.On the one hand, the media criticized the formation of Dishang’s troops. On the other hand, according to French media reports, fans have taken action and demanded that the European France and Switzerland will be re -raced because they think that Swiss goalkeeper Somers are playing.The ball was foul.

As of now, French fans with 264,000 French fans have signed online, asking European Football to make France and Switzerland re -race.

French fans believe that Solo’s foul during the penalty of Mimo’s penalty. According to the rules of FIFA: When the opponent players hit the ball, the goalkeeper must have at least one foot on the goal line, but Somo also also also also has Summer and also with Somo and also.This is not the case, his two feet have left the goal line, so the penalty should be punished heavy.

However, the Spanish “Marca” said that the European Football Liana would definitely not let France and Switzerland re -race, because the penalty kick was verified by VAR, and it was also punished.(Ivan)

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