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sweet!Memphills and Switarina officially married


Memphills and Svitrina have completed their wedding in Switzerland

On July 16, 34 -year -old Memphills officially got married with 26 -year -old Switarina.

The two had a wedding in Weng, Swip. Because the European epidemic rebounded, the wedding was not very grand. It was only participated by the close friends of the family and the two.At the wedding, Memphills wore a pale purple suit, while Switarina was wearing a white wedding dress, and her face always kept a bright smile.

A sister of Ukraine, Svitarina and French star Memphills, began to communicate in January 2019. She broke up in the summer and restored her lover relationship soon.Subsequently, it broke up again in February 2021, but the relationship immediately heated up after the second reconciliation.He announced his engagement in April this year and was officially married in mid -July.

Memphills and Swelina have a joint Instagram account called “GEMS LIFE”, where they posted interesting photos or videos there, including the time spent on the court or in private life.(Amber)

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    Interviewwiththisstage 11月 12, 2022 at 11:44 上午

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  5. It is that he said that the Chinese epidemic does not come to play in China. You also help her to justify her. During the epidemic, it is also a media misleading to China. Can you believe in the media?Did you hear it in person?Maybe her meaning is distorted by the media, you are willing to listen to Feng Cheng!

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