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Svevson achieved the first consecutive Bird to settle the birds when the first victory of the US tour

On November 21, Beijing time, Adam Svenson’s ability to deal with cold weather is as strong as the ability to cope with the pressure of championship. He felt that he had had similar experiences before. On Sunday, he ended 64 shots in the island resort, 64 yuan below the standard pole, winning the RSM elite competition and achieving the first victory of the US tour.

The 28 -year -old Canadian player was in the final stage of the Binhai Stadium and was caught in a four -person melee. By 10 feet, catch the birds again and opened the gap.

“I watched the lead list on the 15th hole. It was a five-hole hole, but my digging rod was gone, just Bao Pa,” Adam Svanson said. “But I know the 16 and 17 cavity flagpie insertion insertion In front of it, there are two good bird catching opportunities. No. 16 holes rotated back, which is an easy uphill left to right. I know that my hitting force is large enough, and the small ball finally enters the ball. Cave. Then there is No. 17 Cave. I did not expect that the push pole could enter the hole, but in the end, I entered the hole. “

Sahith Theegala (66) and Brian Harman (65) set off in the previous group, and missed a 25-foot little bird opportunity in the end of him.

England player Callum Tarren (64) was the first to play 17 below the standard pole, hoping that the game entered the extension. However, Adam Svanson successfully Bao Pa at the end of the club, and handed over a round of Bo Bo and achieved two victory.

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