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Svanson’s first round of the first round of the round adjustment rod, the last three-wheel -20 pole counterattack successfully



On November 21, Beijing time, the RSM Elite Tournament, Adam Svanson’s four-wheeled score was 263, which was lower than the standard pole. The lead 2 shot won the first victory of the US tour.

When Adam Swensen started the game, he played 73 shots at the plantation garden stadium. At that time, he was only tied at 108. The first task was to fight for promotion. However, the end of the week, he magically won the trophy, because in the last three rounds, he handed over 20 poles of the standard rod at the relatively difficult coastal stadium.

Adam Svison reviewed this week: “I must be frustrated after the first round. But I know I need to continue to do what I do. On Thursday, my ball played solidly, but I found nothing. On Friday, I have always been I’m fighting. I don’t know, I push the pole very well, my hitting the ball is great, I keep playing the ball onto the ball, hitting the green, and constantly doing what I am doing. “

Adam Senson said that the important change was push. On Friday, he adjusted the push rod, and then felt very good.

This is the third complete year of Adam Svans in the US tour. He won two years of championship exemption and won the American Masters and the American PGA Championship. So far, he has not played the Grand Slam.

“To be honest, it feels unreal now,” Adam Svans said at the end of the game. “I am very happy. I have invested a lot of energy. Winning in the US tour is of great significance to me. Now I’m here. “

The US Tour is going to rest for 6 weeks now. The last New Year’s Day will recover in the sentry championship in the first week of January.

Because of winning, Adam Svans was the last player who entered the sentry championship. The competition is also the first top game, with a total bonus of $ 15 million.

Adam Swensen won $ 1,458,000 in the championship, which is higher than the total bonus of any season in the previous two seasons. He is the second Canadian this season. Mackenzie Hughes is the first and win in Mississi.

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