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[Surprising sports] On January 6th injury stop interpretation: Manchester United Van Delbeck’s injury shortage


Friday 004 French Cup

Bobo City FCVS Montpellier

Bobo FC:

To Wan Batis Central Guard (4 games in the league) Knee cross ligament breaks on February 28


Jonas Omelin’s main goalkeeper (12 games).

Avey Washi Main Center (16 games in the league, 7 goals and 1 help)

Time Savanier’s main front waist (14 games in the league, 6 goals and 1 assist) accumulate yellow card suspension

Pedro Mentis’s central defender hoe muscle injury returns in mid -January

Injury interpretation: No wounded except for Zhongwei Torwan Batis.Montpellier Captain Savanier was suspended, Omelin and Wahit or Run Run, Enso Chatuo and Wakhi Hazri could return.

Friday 005 French Cup

Strasbourg vs Ang Hot


Maxim Le Marchang’s main medium defender (13 league games) Back injuries in the middle of January

Thomas Draney left -back (12 games in the league 1 help) muscle injury will return a few weeks later

Colin Dagba Right Guard (9 games in the league) Calf injuries after a few weeks later

No Erdin Kandir’s front waist (3 games in the league) foot injury in mid -January

Karoel Phila Right Guard (2 games in the league) Rope muscle injury returned in mid -January

Kawashima Yongzhang goalkeeper shoulder injury returns in mid -January

Ang heat:

Ibrahim Ama Dudao back (6 games in the league) calf injury in mid -January

Ye Haiya Fafa go goalkeeper (8 games in the league) half -moon board injury in mid -January

Lvwa Dionne center (8 games in the league) Knee cross ligament breakdown period is unknown

Urk Eesome Ella’s center knee injury returned in mid -January

Ali Cara right back knee injury returned in mid -January

Injury interpretation: In Strasbourg, many people such as Le Marcel, Thomas Drane, Lenard and other people were excluded from the lineup for injuries.Ange will lack Ama Dud, Fafa, Dionni, Ella and Kara.

Friday 006 lotus armor

Twins vs Ermen


Water Blama’s back waist (6 games) ankle surgery is unknown

Christos Torris left (8 games 1 goal) ankle injury is unknown


Jeff Hudles left back (6 games) knee cross ligament damage in mid -May

McCir Kifftebert’s back (1 game) Knee cross ligament damage was returned on June 30 (seasonal reimbursement)

Malt Leader’s center knee injury is unknown

Injury interpretation: In terms of Twins, the right -back Blaine is particularly expected to return to the lineup. Blama has recovered personal training since the injury of October, and Toris will begin training next week.On the side of Emen, Huds Felt, Kifftebert, and Leder will be absent for a long time due to injuries.

Friday 017 Portuguese Super League

Benfica VS Port Mansi


Rafa Silva’s main force two strikers (13 games 6 goals and 3 help) accumulate yellow card suspension end to return


Wellington Jonal’s right front side (8 games and 3 goals) injury is unknown

Kalinios’s front waist injury is unknown

Injury interpretation: In terms of Benfica, the main shooter Rafa Silva has accumulated five yellow cards to suspend the competition, other positions.Portonis will lack Jonal and Calinios.They will be absent from the game for their own injuries.

Friday 018 British Football Cup

Manchester United VS Everton

Manchester United:

Donni Van Delbeck midfielder (7 games in the league) leg injury returned in mid -February

Jendon Sanqiao left (10 games in the league, 2 goals, 1 help), and return to the physical fitness for several days.

Akssel Tuanzer’s central defender injury is unknown


Nathan Patson’s main right back guard (13 league games) knee injuries in late February

Michael Kane Middle Inspection (1 game) muscle injury returned in mid -January

James Ghana’s back waist (6 league games) back injury in late January

Andoros Thomson’s right -front Cirrienal injury is returned in early January

Injury interpretation: Manchester United’s right -front Anthony has restored the training of first -line teams; Marshall and Van Delbeck were replaced by injuries in the last round of the league, but the former was injured.Everton’s bad news, the main defender Patterson will miss the injury for six weeks, Kane, Ghana, and Thomson continue to be injured. The good news is that the winger Anthony Gordon can return.

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