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[Surprising sports] On January 3rd, injury stop interpretation: Real Madrid’s main players will take a break


Tuesday 001 King Cup

Kataka vs VILEREAer


No injuries


Jovani Roma Selso midfielder (8 games in the league 1 goal) shares of the two -headed muscle tendon fracture in late January

Francis Kuikinlin’s back waist (1 goal of 11 games in the league) physical discomfort to be determined

Injury interpretation: Qatar has no known injury.Cereyer midfielder Crusso was missing in injuries, and Ku Kuilin was in doubt.

Tuesday 002 King Cup

Spanish VS Vigor Tower


Kaidi Baror Midfield (11 games) Aktop ligament breaks in early February

Aderia Pedrosa’s left -back pubic back pubic pain is unknown

Gori front waist -knee cross ligament breaks 23 years on February 15th

Bol Rosano midfielder (4 games in the league) knee injury to be determined

Luca Keroozo left (2 games in the league) injured to be determined

Viger Tower:

No injuries

Injury interpretation: In the Spaniards, Caddy Baror, Pedrosa and Gori were injured, and Losano and Cleolo were in doubt.Vigor Tower has no injuries and all players can play.

Tuesday 003 Premier League

Lecheist City vs Fulham

Laccuster City:

Patson Daka center (16 games 3 goals and 3 guidance) Rope muscle injury after a few weeks returned

Dennis Pram midfielder (8 games) ribs injury after a few days later

James Madison’s main front waist (13 games and 7 goals and 4 help) knee injury return period is unknown

Joni Evans’s main medium defender (9 games) muscle injuries returned early February

James Justin’s main right -back (14 games 1 assistant) Achilles tendon injury in January 23 years returned

Ricardo Preira right -back tendon injury was returned in February 23 years

Ryan Berland left -back knee injury for several future returns


Leiville Kurzawa left back (1 game) muscle injury is to be determined

Nest Kaibano’s left side (12 games 3 assists) Achilles tendon break in January 23 years returned

Mano Solomon’s left winger (1 game) knee injury 23 years returned in January

Injury interpretation: Lachate City adds injuries, Madison, Evans, Justin, Perera, and Berteland have wounds.On the side of Fulham, the defender Lei Ivan Kurzawa was approaching the return, but in doubt, Kaybano and Solomon continued to raise injuries.

Tuesday 004 Premier League

Everton vs Breaton


Ama Dudo Onuna’s main back waist (16 games 1 assistant) accumulate yellow card suspension end to return

Michael Kane Central defender (1 game) muscle injury is to be determined

Anthony Gordon’s left winger (15 games 3 goals) is to be determined

Yeli Mina Central defender (2 games 1 goal) muscle injury is to be determined

James Ghana back (6 games) Back injuries in late January

Andoros Thomson’s right -front Cirrienal injury is returned in early January


Danny Verbeck center (13 games 3 assists) muscle injury is to be determined

Adam Weibel’s main mid -back (13 games) injury to December 31st

Jacob Moder midfielder knee cross ligament broken 23 years of February

Injury interpretation: On the Everton, the main back of Ouna was suspended. Kane, Gordon, and Mina need to be further evaluated. Ghana and Townon were injured.On the side of Byton, Verbeck was in doubt, and Weberst and Model stopped injuries.

Tuesday 005 Premier League

Arsenal VS Newcastle


Rice Nelson’s right side (2 games and 1 help) injury to the end of January

Gabriel Jessus’s main center (14 games 5 goals and 6 help) knee injuries in late February

Emir Smith Luoqian Gully is injured to be determined


Matt Tagt’s left -back (10 games) Heel injury returned in mid -January

Qiong Qiao Selwei’s midfielder (3 games) calf injury returned in mid -February

Paul Damit’s left -back calf injury will return after several days of injuries

Alexander Isaac Center (3 games 2 goals) muscle injuries returned in early January

Emir Clavt’s right -back rope muscle injury 23 years February 24

Injury interpretation: In Arsenal, Smith Roman hopes to come back. Nelson and Jesus are short of injuries. Saka and Saliba each have four yellow cards each, or their substitutes appear.On the side of Newcastle, Tagt, Server, Damit, Isaac, and Clarvat will all miss injuries.

Tuesday 006 Premier League

Manchester United VS Burnsmus

Manchester United:

Dowea Dallo’s main right back (13 games 1 assistant) Rope rope muscle injury returned in early January

Jendon Sanqiao’s left winger (10 games, 2 goals and 1 assist) will return after a few days of physical fitness

Akssel Tuanzer’s central defender injury is unknown


Philip Bilin’s main midfielder (17 games, 4 goals, 1 assist) Hip injury returned in late January

Marcus Tarfinier’s main midfielder (15 games, 2 goals and 4 guidance) The rope muscle injury is returned after a few days

Confiner Stanislas left back (4 games) muscle injury returned early in January

Ryan Frederix Right -back (8 games) injured in early January

The main goalkeeper (8 games) of the pyrotomy muscle injury to the right width of the right winger of David Brooks in the early January of January

Injury interpretation: As for Manchester United, Lisandro Martinez and McTomina have returned to team training. They are expected to be selected for this lineup. Dalot, San Qiao and Tutanzer are expected to continue to be absent.On the side of Burnsmus, Bilin, Tarfinier and others were absent due to injuries, and the team’s offensive firepower was damaged.

Tuesday 008 King Cup

Casereno vs Real Madrid


No injuries

royal house Madrid:

Mariano center (4 games) ankle sprains are unknown

Kultova goalkeeper (11 league games) injuries are unknown

Kavahar right back (13 games in the league 1 assist) injury return period is unknown

Benzema center (8 games in the league, 7 goals and 1 help)

Venitus left (15 games with 6 goals and 3 guys in the league)

Modricid midfielder (14 games in the league, 3 goals and 2 assistance)

Cross midfielder (12 games in the league, 1 goal, 2 help)

Alaba central defender (15 games of 15 games and 3 help) rest

Ferram Mendi left back (12 games in the league 1 assist) Rotate

Injury interpretation: Casereno has no known injury problem, and the team lineup is neat.On Real Madrid, a number of main forces such as Benzema, Venitius, Modric, Cross, etc. are absent from the list, while Kuruva and Cavahar are injured in the same absence.

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