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[Surprising sports] On January 2nd injury stop interpretation: Brent Ford Fengba maybe


Monday 002 French Ligue

Strasbourg vs Truva


Kawashima Yongzhang goalkeeper shoulder injury returns in mid -January

Dmitry Lenard midfielder (13 games) Back injuries in mid -January

Maxim Le Marcan’s main medium defender (13 games) Back injuries in early January

Thomas Draney left -back (12 games with 1 help) muscle injury after a few weeks return

Colin Dagba Right Guard (9 games) Calf injuries after a few weeks later

No Erdin Kandir’s front waist (3 games) foot injuries in early January


Mama Bald’s main center (15 games with 7 goals and 4 help) red card suspension end to return

Injury interpretation: In Strasbourg, Le Marcha, Thomas Drane, Lenad and other people stopped injuries.On the Truva, the number one shooter Bald was red in the last round of the league, and this round encountered a suspension.

Monday 004 British Championship

Sibromvich vs Reading


Kyle Butlli central defender (7 games 2 goals) muscle injury returned in early January


Deyan Tetk’s back waist and leg injury returned in early January

Liam Moore’s middle -back calf was injured in early January

Injury interpretation: West Bromvich Central Bartell will be absent from the game due to injuries.Readin will lack Tetk and Moore, but has little impact on the main lineup.

Monday 005 English crown

Swansea vs Bernley


Michael Obuffmy Center (19 games and 1 help) is to be determined by physical fitness


Ashley Westwood’s back of the hind waist and ankle fracture is unknown

Darko Scholinov’s left side (5 games) injuries are unknown

Interpretation of injury stop: Swansea, Obuffimi has doubts that the team has no new injuries.Bernley’s waist Westwood and winger Churrinov are expected to continue their injuries.

Monday 007 English crown

Novic vs Watford


Alon Ramse’s main front waist (18 games 3 goals and 3 help) Knee injury in early February

Todd Kanterville left midfielder (18 games) groin injuries injured in late January

Jacob Ronaldo Sauren’s back waist (3 games) foot injury to late December

Jonathan Luo’s ankle was injured in early January


Edor Kayom Bay’s main back waist (21 games) Calf injuries returned in early January

The main midfielder (19 games) knee injury returned in late January

Cattihus central defender (3 games) knee injury returned in late January

Dan Geslin midfielder (17 games) ankle injuries in late February

Tom Clavili midfielder (3 games 1 goal) Achilles tendon injury returned in early February

Imlan Losa midfielder (5 games 2 goals and 1 help) ankle injury returns in late March

Injury interpretation: In Norovic, Ramsey, Kanterville, Sauren and Jonathan Roman were injured.Waterford will also lack many midfielders such as Kayambe, Joe Duli, Geslin, and the central defender Kotney House is also on the injury list.

Monday 009 Premier League

Brent Ford vs Liverpool

Brent Ford:

Ivan Tony’s main center (16 games 12 goals and 3 help) knee injury to be determined

Ohku Frank midfielder (12 games 1 assistant) Rope rope muscle injury after a few weeks of returns

Sindon Badesdi Midfield (12 games) muscle injury after a few weeks of return

Christopher Aje mid -back (6 games) knee injury returned in early January

Thomas Strakosha goalkeeper’s ankle injury returned in early January

Allen Hikki’s main left -back (9 games) ankle injuries return early January


Robertson’s main left -back (14 games 5 help) muscle injury is to be determined

Harvey Elli the front waist (16 games, 1 goal, 1 help) knee injury to the knee injury for several days to return

Fabinho’s main back waist (15 games) Personal reasons to be determined

Roberto Philmino center (13 games 7 goals and 3 guidance) muscle injury is to be determined

James Milner midfielder (11 games 1 assistant) calf injury is to be determined

Dioror Ruota’s left side (4 games 1 assistant) calf injury returned early February

Curtis Jones midfielder (4 games) muscle injury returned in early January

Louis Dias left (3 games 1 goal and 1 help) knee injury on January 23rd

Abuel midfielder (1 game) muscle injury returned early February

Injury interpretation: In the Brent Ford, the number one shooter Ivan Tony has a injury, probably absence, and the team has other injuries.On Liverpool, Philmino and Milner are expected to return. Fabinho, who was missing on the court, also expected to return to the lineup. Robertson and Elion were injured in the field, but they were not serious.

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