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[Surprising sports] On January 10th, injury stop interpretation: Manchester United’s main front waist B fee stop


Tuesday 002 French B

Leaer vs Sob Shaw

Le Aver:

Abdulvahd Wahb left -back knee cross -knee cross -ligament fracture period is unknown


Calidon Wesberg’s main front waist (16 games, 3 goals and 4 help) knee injury return period is unknown

Herman Tabili center (7 games 1 assistant) physical energy return period is unknown

Relly Perera Desa’s front waist (11 games) Physical energy returning period is unknown

Injury interpretation: Le Averer’s left -back Wahb has long injury.Captain Sagka Wesbeck’s knee injuries will be absent from this field. Tibilia and Desa are still recovering and have not been selected to the lineup.

Tuesday 003 French B

Nim vs Mess


Yanus Tomson midfielder (12 games 2 goals and 1 help) knee injury return period is unknown

Elias Malon Omaron center (12 games 1 goal and 2 assistance) unknown


Ibrahima Nian center (13 games and 2 goals) unknown

Injury interpretation: In terms of Nam, both Dimerson and Omarsson’s centers will be absent from the game.Mess’s center Danley Jean Jacques lifted the ban, and the center Nian was not selected as the 18 -person list for injuries.

Tuesday 007 French B

St. Etien vs Lawal

San Etian:

Thomas Monte Dudute’s main back waist (7 games 2 assists) calf injury is unknown

Right -back in Sergi Palencia (9 games 1 assistant) calf injury is unknown


The main midfielder of Julian Magote (15 games and 4 games) on the knee cross ligament breakdown is unknown

Steven Ennimba center (3 games) Knee cross ligament breakdown period is unknown

Injury interpretation: San Etian’s main back waist, Montedutet and defender Palencia, both were injured, and Laval would lack Magoti and Ennimba. They encountered severe knee injuries in the short termCan’t return.

Tuesday 009 British League Cup

Newcasr Lianyan VS Lacest City


Alan St. Mark Xin’s left side (10 games in the league, 1 goal, 3 aids) illness is unknown

Matt Tagt left back (10 league games) Heel injury returned in mid -January

Qiong Qiao Selwei’s midfielder (3 games in the league) calf injury returned in mid -February

Laccuster City:

The main back waist (14 games in the league) of the Bubakari Sumarre is injured in late January

Kirnan Dijurisbury-Hall main midfielder

Dennis Pram midfielder (8 games in the league) rib damage is to be determined

James Madison’s main front waist (13 games in the league, 7 goals and 4 help) knee injury return period is unknown

Joni Evans’s main medium defender (9 games in the league) muscle injury returned early February

James Justin’s main right -back (14 games in the league 1 assist) Achilles tendon injury 23 years returned in January

Ricardo Preira right -back tendon injury was returned in February 23 years

Ryan Berland left -back knee injury for several future returns

Injury interpretation: As for Newcastle, Alan St. Mark Hun was suspected of fighting due to illness, and Tagt and Shelwell were absent due to injuries.Lecheist City suffered a serious wave of injuries. Sumarre, Madison, Evans, Justin and other people were injured. Diusburi Hall and Praier were to be determined.

Tuesday 010 British League Cup

Manchester United VS Charton

Manchester United:

Bruno Fernandez’s main front waist (16 games in the league 2 goals and 3 aids) stopped the game

Donni Van Delbeck midfielder (7 games in the league) leg injury returned in mid -February

Jendon Sanqiao left (10 games in the league, 2 goals, 1 help), and return to the physical fitness for several days.

Akssel Tuanzer’s central defender injury is unknown


Ashley Monad Broor goalkeeper (5 games in the league) brain shock is to be determined

Joe Volokott’s main goalkeeper (16 games in the league) finger fracture is unknown

Mandela Egbo Right Guard (9 games in the league) Courtesy back muscles are unknown

Diarang Jayasmi Right Frontier (7 games in the league 1 assist) hip injury

Interpretation of injury stop: Manchester United, B fee accumulated yellow card suspension, Van Delbeck, Sang Qiao and Tu Anzebe were still absent.On the side of Charldon, the main goalkeeper Walkat, Volokott, Egbo and Jayesmi missed the game due to injuries, and Monad Brull, who was absent from the game due to a brain shock, still needs to acceptEvaluate.

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