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[Surprising sports] On December 16th, injury stop interpretation: Birmingham’s number one shooter was injured


Friday 101 British Championship

Birmingham vs Reading


Scott Hoggen’s main center (21 games 9 goals and 1 help) The injury of the rope muscle is to be determined

Gary Gardner midfielder (2 games) Training with U21

Harry Dian Central defender (7 games 1 goal) injury is unknown

George Frander left -back (2 games) muscle problems are unknown

Nico Gordon’s central defender physical fitness with the reserve team training

The left side of the Perg Meeswaf Pava Tower (5 games) tibia bruises is unknown


Sam Harchinson’s back waist (10 games 1 assistant) injury is to be determined

Ovye Igalia left midfielder (8 games 1 assistant) injury is unknown

Deyan Tetk’s back waist tope muscle injury is unknown

Philip Azith’s right edge is trained with U21

Scott Dan’s central defender physical fitness training with U21

Liam Moore’s central defender knee injury is unknown

Injury interpretation: In Birmingham, the number one shooter Huo Gen’s tendons lightly strained, but had the opportunity to play.Caldner, Dian and Nico Gordon returned to progress, and the winger Parchta was injured for a long time.There are more injuries on the same side.Both Igalia and Taters were absent from the field, and the team had other injuries.The good news is that veteran Sam Harchinson is expected to return in this field.

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