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[Surprising sports] Intelligence analysis on November 24: Brazil’s front line is hot


013 World Cup Swiss VS Cameroon (5)

Messi, Switzerland, will start Zhan Cameroon

The Swiss coach Murateya-Jin said before the game, “This is the first time Shatili has participated in the competition without injury. During the training, Shaqili has shown that he is the team. How important. He is very healthy. Tomorrow he will start! “Although” Switzerland Messi “has left the European league, he is still attacking his thighs in the national team. Among the 23 goals of the last 4 contests in Switzerland, Shaqili directly participated in 48%of the goals. He will still be the most threatened figure in Switzerland.

Cameroon striker is excellent this season

This season, 33 -year -old Schopo Motin took the heavy responsibility of Bayern’s goal after Levan left the team. In this season, he played 11 goals and 3 assists in Bayern Schopo Motin 16 times this season. He is also a well -deserved first -card star in Cameroon. He also hopes to bring a good state in Bayern to the World Cup.

014 World Cup Uruguay vs South Korea (6)

The main defender is injured, and the rear defense line is greatly reduced

Although the Uruguo -defender Arajo, who played for Barcelona, ​​was collected by the World Cup with the team, according to the latest report, Arajo still needs to be injured. Recently, he has not participated in the team’s joint training. This time, he will not play in the group stage with South Korea.

The British overtaking forward was injured, and South Korea’s offense faced a test

The coach of the South Korean team, Paul Benno, said at a press conference before the game: Captain Sun Xingzhang can wear a mask to appear, and Kim Jane’s right thigh muscles have been healed to play. But Huang Xican still had injuries on his left thigh muscles, and he would not play in this game.

015 World Cup Portugal VS Ghana (5)

External interference, Portugal preparation or affected

According to the official news of Manchester United: Ronaldo will leave Manchester United with the consent of both parties and take effect immediately. At present, there are many Manchester United players in the Portuguese team. Without the first group stage, the news may have an impact on the Portuguese relationship in this news, which will affect Portugal’s World Cup journey.

The warm -up competition has been reserved, Ghana is prepared

In the 2-0 victory over Switzerland’s warm-up match, Ghana’s two major stars midfielder Thomas Palteri and Kuds were not debuted. It is understood that the war -on match did not play in the war, but the tactical arrangement of the coach Abada. This is obviously to deal with Portugal.

016 World Cup Brazil VS Serbia (5)

favorable! Brazilian front players are in a hot state

Brazil has been undefeated in 16 games. In the recent war-up match against the World Cup in Tunnis, Brazil was a 5-1 victory over the opponent. The striker Neymar, Lishalinson, Rafinia, and Pedro all scored a goal, and his feet were very hot. The front line is so state, and this time against Serbia, Brazil’s offensive end is not a big problem.

Blossoming at multiple points, Serbia’s excellent state

In the warm -up match against Barin, Serbia striker Tadic received 2 goals and 1 assists, and the striker Flahovich and Jovich also had their own. The team blossomed more, showing a good competitive state.

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