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[Surprising sports] Intelligence analysis on January 7: Tottenham will rotate lineup


004 Football Cup Tottenham Hot VS Puzmouth

Tottenham will rotate lineup

According to Tottenham and the team reporter Asdalg, the team of the FA Cup will rotate some players. Kane, Lori, Hojil, Perisic, and Rome of the last round of the league will be rotated.Luo and Langera will get rest.The team rotation is to better respond to the league against Arsenal and Manchester City.

Puzmouth’s back -to -back stop

Due to the two yellow changes in the British League last week, the Parksmouth team Parker (23 games 1 goal and 3 aids) will be suspended.However, coach Simon Brazil revealed that midfielder Louis Thompson (5 games) has returned.

016 La Liga, La Laer VS Real Madrid

The main team on the right side of the home team is positive

Prior to this game, the official website of Biliareal revealed that the team’s new coach Cyan had found the explosion of the offensive in the team, that is, the right Feng Saamir Chukuzer (24 games in each competition (24 games of 7 games6 help).Chukuzawa is a key figure in the Titian tactics. Since Satin took office, the Nigerians have launched 9 of the 13 games coached by Setan.What is worthy of attention in this game, Chuku, is worthy of attention.

Real Madrid’s main player will return all the return to the start

In the middle of the week, Real Madrid used the rotation lineup against the Casenio Cup. Benzema, Cross, Modrick and Kuruva did not enter the bench.EssenceFacing the strong Biliareal, Real Madrid will play in the face of strong strength.

019 Serie A Juventus VS Udiez

Juventus changes the array of good results

Before this game, the former Juventus main Barzari said that the team brought more stability after the team’s 352 formation, and the three central defender Bremo, Sandro, and Danilo were in this formation.The performance is better.According to media reports, Juventus will focus on the formation of 3 central defender in the second half of the season.

Udinez coach confirms that the core of the midfielder is absent

Before this game, Udinez coach said in an interview with the team’s official website that the team 10 players in the team, the core of offensive core Dewu Fei (17 games and 7 help) have been recovered in the injury, but this game is stillIt’s not the right time for his appearance.

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