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[Surprising sports] Intelligence analysis on January 5: The morale of Braga’s team is rising


002 Premier League Chelsea VS Manchester City

The main door god and two wings continue to be injured

Kanter, Broha, and Fafa will continue to be absent, worrying that Chelsea is worried that the main goalkeeper Mondi and the two main edge-winged Wilwell and Reese James will also be absent from this game.

Harland is in a hot state, and her career has not appeared at Chelsea

Manchester City’s number one star Harland continued the hot state and scored goals in Everton before. In the game, only 4 games did not score in the game this season.It is worth mentioning that his career has not yet appeared at Chelsea.

001 West Cup Taranga VS Osasuna

Tarago’s attention to the cup race

The third -level team Tarragona coach Laul Ane said before the game, stated that the team cherishes the opportunity to play with the La Liga team and will send the “strongest” lineup.In the previous two rounds of cups of Tarraga, the opponent (one of the opponents for Malaga) was promoted, indicating that Tarago’s attitude towards the cup is quite correct.

Osasuna’s main right -back absence due to injury injuries

In this game, from the big list of Osasuna coach circles, the main right -back Nachchi Vidal (1 goal 1 goal) is absent from injury, which will have a certain impact on the team’s right defense.

003 Portuguese Super Cindacara vs Braga

Cindakara introduced the back waist of Japan

On the first day of the New Year, Sinda Kara announced the introduction of the Japanese Kashima Antlers Point Sanwei Sage. The Japanese backside represented Kashima Antlers participated in 177 Japanese top leagues to get 4 goals and 13 help.The arrival of the Japanese back waist will increase the thickness of the team’s midfield.

The morale of Braga’s team is rising

In the last round of the league, Blaga won 3-0 at home, Benfica, and rushed to the European Theater (third) in the standings.The coach Herhe said that Benfica was greatly encouraged to the team’s morale, and he was optimistic about the qualifications of the Champions League.In this game, Blaga faced whether the weak travel victory was worthy of attention.

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