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[Surprising sports] Intelligence analysis on January 4: AC Milan’s post -defense general returns back


001 Serie A Salena VSAC Milan

Midfield veteran Kandreva red card suspension

In this game, the veteran of the Sali Panana midfielder Candreva’s red card was suspended. He ate the second yellow card from the red card in the last match against Mengza.This season, Candreva represented the team 15 times, of which 13 were launched, scored 2 goals and sent 1 assist. He is still an indispensable member of the team’s offensive end.

The line of defense is good!Quick Matio returns to the field

According to AC Milan’s official Twitter, the main left -back Special Oed of the team before the game has returned to the team, and this game will come back.Prior to the French National Team, Teo participated in the World Cup. After the World Cup, he took a vacation and then returned to the team.This season, the French left -back representative team has played 18 times and scored 2 goals and 4 assists. His return has greatly improved the team’s offensive and defensive capabilities.

005 Serie A Rome VS Bologna Bologna

Roman front general wounded

The Roman striker Beloti (18 games 2 goals) who appeared in a round of the World Cup (18 games) is currently unable to play in this game due to leg injury.Another absent player was the former Dutch National Foot Venil Dum (1 game), and he was expected to heal in mid -January.

Bologna right -back absence

Judging from the big list of Broonian coach Mota in this game, the main right -back Lorenzo Decister (11 games) was not selected.It is reported that he is currently injured.

015 Premier League Aston Vela VS Wolves

Vera foreign rental teenager returns

Before the game, the Villa Club recalled the Allencese of the Foreign Rental in Novic. He leased it 20 times for Norvich in half a season and scored 3 goals and sent 3 assists.The return of the frontist player will enhance the team’s offensive strength.

Wolves introduced Brazilian striker

On the first day of the New Year, the Wolves introduced the Brazilian forward Matthews Kunia (the first half of the season represents Madrid in 17 games to get 2 aids). This player has appeared on the team training field.Field game.

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