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[Surprising sports] Intelligence analysis on January 3: Manchester United defender Lima may come back


005 Premier League Arsenal VS Newcastle United

Good!Smith-Luo is expected to come back

According to media reports, Arsenal midfielder Smith-Luo (only 4 games in the injury this season, and 24 games last season last season) have recently participated in the team’s pre-match training, and this game is expected to come back.

unfavorable!Defense general absent due to injury

Newcastle left back Tagat (12 games this season) recently injured his heels and absent from the team’s last round of the league in training. In this game, he will continue to be absent due to injuries.In addition, the team’s main striker Wilson (the first 11th offer this season) has returned in the last round of the league, and the team has not added a new wounded in this game (compared with the previous round of the league).

003 Premier League Lecheist City vs Fulham

Lecist City center adds injury list

Because the leg tendon was injured in Liverpool’s game in the last round, Lecheist City center Parson Daka (16 games 3 goals and 3 aids) will definitely miss this game.And the other absolute main force Madison’s knee injury was basically healed, but the game came back too early.

Fulham coach never despise the opponent

The two sides of the game performed very differently in the two rounds of the World Cup. Lecheist defeated and Fulham won.Before the game, Fulva coach Silva said that the game was a difficult test for his team. Any contempt of the city’s mentality will have the corresponding consequences.Silva further stated that although Madison was absent from the opponent, there were top players such as Endi and Tillerman.Whether Fulham can continue to exceed this game is worthy of attention.

006 Premier League Manchester Union vs Burnsmus

Lima+McTomina is expected to come back

According to media reports, Manchester United’s main Zhongwei Lisandro Martinez (19th for 19 games this season) and midfielder McTomina (19th this season’s 19th appearance) participated in the team’s complete training before the game), This game is expected to come back.Lissero Martinez (Argentina’s international) has recently ended the World Cup and returned to the team for preparations, and McTomina had previously absent from the team’s last two rounds of league due to illness.

unfavorable!The second and backcourt second will miss the reunion

According to media reports, Berne Mersame goalkeeper Nedo (all the 9 games this season’s 9 games) and the midfielder Tarvinier (all the 15 games this season, all of which were launched this season, absent from the last three games) before the game.The game missed the game, but fortunately, the team did not increase the new wounded in this game (compared with the previous round of the league).

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