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[Surprising sports] Intelligence analysis on January 10: Perth’s glorious wounded soldiers


010 British Cup Manchester United VS Charton

11 days and 4 games, the Red Devils Welcome the Devil Scattered

Recently, Manchester United has ushered in the devil schedule. The team has to participate in 4 games for 11 days, which is a test for the whole team’s physical fitness.In the last round of the FA Cup team, the team sent the main player to play. In this game, the team facing the two -level team Charton, the team’s probability will rotate.The good news is that Manchester United is at home, which is very beneficial to them.

Dark horse true, Charton is not afraid of strong enemies

Although Charlton is in the British League, the team is not afraid of the Premier League team.In the British Cup in late December, the team stubbornly eliminated Brighton through a penalty shootout.Facing the powerful Manchester United in this FA Cup, the team is expected to go to the end.

001 Australian Super League Popus Glory VS Brisbane Lion Roar

Perth’s glorious wounded soldiers

Perth’s glorious this round determines the lack of goalkeeper Brad Jones, the back guard Gilri, the midfielder Aaron McNiev, Salom Galilee, the striker Sadinero; the central defender Bervis, Zhongzhong, Zhongzhong, Zhongzhong, ZhongzhongRyan Williams needs to accept physical evaluation before the game to determine whether this round of competition can be played.If Belvis and Ryan Williams cannot catch up with this round of reasons, the defensive hardness and midfield control of Perth Ben will be visible to the naked eye.

Lion Roar Main Strip in the middle of the defender continues to be injured

The Bridge Lion Roar continued to lack the main defender Alderd in this round.Man Make up.

002 French Tile Avr VS Sob Shaw

Better defense, the minimum number of ball loss in the league

Le Averer is the team with the least number of goals in the French League B. They only lost 6 goals in 17 games.In the last two games, the teams have completed zero seals against their opponents. Two central defender Loli and San Gante played stable. The good state of the team in this game is expected to continue.

Subtribute striker Tatshera yellow card suspension

In this game, Sob’s substitute striker Tatlara accumulated a total of yellow cards. He ate yellow cards in the last match against Bordeaux.The French striker represents the team eight times this season, two of them, two of them, and 1 auxiliary scoring for 1 game. His absence affects the team’s queue.

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