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[Surprising sports] Intelligence analysis on December 8: The number of goalkeepers in Venice


Bei Dan 012 Yi Parma vs Benwino (4)

Parma’s defense line encountered a wave of injuries

At present, Parma’s injuries are concentrated on the rear defense line, including 44 -year -old veteran Buffon, the main central defender Romanio, and left -back Anzaldi, who are absent from the game due to injuries.The rear defense staff is incomplete and has a great impact on Parma.

Canavaro led the team for the first time to challenge the old Dong family

Beneno’s coach Karnavaro played in Parma for 7 years during his period. He played 304 times for Parma, and later became Parma’s captain.Canavaro coached Berono in September this year that he returned to Italy for coaching for the first time. This is also the first time that his coaching career has faced Parma as his opponent.

Benewo’s main Zhongwei fire line returns

Bena’s post -defense core Girik has now returned to the team. The Polish team’s main central defender immediately returned to the team after the World Cup ended. He was also included in the list of the game.However, considering factors such as physical fitness, Grek may not be launched.

Beidan 012 West Bolgos vs Eval (3)

Burgos’s defensive ability crown is Jue Xi A

Bolgos is the best defending team in the West and B this season. After the first 18 rounds, they only lost 7 goals.And at the beginning of the beginning, Bolgos once kept zero seal for 10 consecutive games.

Burgos’s main defender is absent due to injuries due to injury

Bolgos Central defender Elgsbal was severely sprained in just a few minutes in the previous competition with Saragoza. After the game, Bolgos officially announced that Elgsabar encountered a second -level sprains for reimbursement this year.This season, Elgzabar played 19 games for the team in various events, which is the absolute main force of Bolgos.

Garritano ushered in coaching Eval milestone

This game will be the 200th game of Garitino in Evalon.He currently ranks second in the history of the team, and is the coach of the team’s victory.This commemorative day Garitano will be fulfilled in a full victory.

Beidan 017 Yimo Moden VS Venice (3)

Modina’s two major scales have become doubtful

Modina’s top Sagittarius Dia was punished, and the game will be banned in this game.Dia is the absolute main force of the team’s striker, and his ban has no impact.In addition, the teenager Bonfani, who can replace the position of Dia, is also a little bit injured. Although returning training, it may not be able to play.

Venice has performed recently

Although Venice is a downside of this season, the current decline is very obvious, and there is even a crisis of relegation again.They are currently ranked third in the countdown, and they are one point in the safety zone, but they have won two consecutive victories in the past two games.

The number of goalkeepers in Venice continues to be absent

Venice’s starting goalkeeper Joe Rononen is still missing. In this game, only 37 -year -old goalkeeper Manepa and Bunno can be available last season.There is a gap in Jononon.

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