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[Surprising sports] Intelligence analysis on December 3: Dutch multi -person infection flu


049 World Cup Dutch VS United States (9)

The Netherlands encounters big trouble, and many people infected influenza

At the press conference before the game, the coach Van Gal revealed that many people in the team had infected the flu. He was worried that the condition would be completely infected in the team, which would cause huge trouble to the team.It is reported that multiple players in the Netherlands have been infected.At present, the infected players mainly include cough, runny nose, sore throat and other symptoms.Some fans are worried that the Dutch teams are infected with the X crown, but the official response is just a normal cold.

The American team is affected by injuries in the frontcourt

In addition to opening the thigh Plisic, another US team’s main striker Sakinte and the core of the midfielder McCkenni were forced to end in the match against the Iranian team due to ankle and quadriceps injury.McCane has participated in the team’s practice, and it is estimated that the problem is not big.However, Sakin’s problem is considered more serious, and he may be absent from the Dutch team.

050 World Cup Argentine VS Australia (10)

Every game in Argentina adjusts the lineup

Argentine head coach Scaroni used three different starting lineups in the 3 groups. His research on his opponent is quite deep. This battle faces Australia, which is high -horse.The hope of their victory will greatly increase.

Australia focuses on the advantages of height

Australia also has its own advantages against Argentina, that is, height.Argentina’s defense line is generally not tall, and Australian passing is quite threatened to them. Especially when the ball is located, the “giant” in the body of nearly 2 meters comes forward.Not small trouble.

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