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[Surprising sports] December 30th injury stop interpretation: Real Madrid lineup is relatively neat


Friday 002 La Liga

Herita VS Mallorca

Heeta fee:

Maoro Alanbari main midfielder (6 games 1 assistant) ankle injury to February


The main midfielder (12 games) accumulated yellow card suspension after the main midfielder (12 games)

Martin Valjane’s main medium back (13 games) accumulated yellow card suspension end to return

Josep Giam mid -defending injury is unknown

Injury interpretation: Herita midfielder Alanbari has long injury, and the team has no other injury problems.The two Mallorca were suspended, and both main forces of Degallata and Valjan will be absent from the field.

Friday 005 La Liga

Gami VS Almeia


Ivan Alehho’s right front (12 games 1 assist) accumulate yellow card suspension end to return

Victor Chuste’s main medium defender (11 games 1 goal) a few days after a few days later

Malaysu-Makaya Central defender (3 games) groin injuries are unknown

Jon Andel Garrido’s back -knee -knee injury is unknown

Hoseba Salda right back (10 games 1 assistant) ligament injuries injured June

David Gill goalkeeper’s physical discomfort is unknown

Huan Carra central defender (3 games) physical discomfort is unknown


Rodrigue Ellie’s main mid -back (14 games) red card suspension ended

Ivan Markos mid -guard knee cross ligament damage is unknown

Injury interpretation: Aspects of Ka Si, Ivan Alehhot stopped, Victor Chuste, Salda and other people were injured.On Almeia, the post -defense main force Rodrigue Eli was sent off in the last round of the league and missed the game; the central defender Marsos continued to raise injuries.

Friday 006 La Liga

Viger Tower vs Sevilla

Viger Tower:

No injuries


Gonzalo Montel Right Guard (8 games) red card suspension end

Ivan Rakitic midfielder (11 games) red card suspension ended

Tangji Ni Angzu Middle defender (10 games) red card suspension ended

Malkang mid -defenders (4 games) biceps fiber rupture in mid -March

Alex Tellette left -back (13 games 2 assistance) knee injury on February 1, 23 years, returned on February 1

Thomas Draini midfielder (8 games) knee injury on March 1, 23 years, returned on March 1st

Alery Handro Gomez’s left side (12 games 1 assistant) knee injury returned in mid -January

Calimi Leki mid -back (7 games, 1 goal, 1 help) physical discomfort is unknown

Takator’s right edge fibula fracture in late January

Injury interpretation: Vigor Tower has no new injury problem, and the team lineup is neat.Seville was absent, and the list was lengthy. Montel, Rakitic and Nyon Zu were suspended. There were many people such as Tryles, Draney, etc. due to injuries, and the team was tightly eaten by people.

Friday 008 Premier League

West Ham United VS Brent Ford

West Ham United:

Kurtz Zuma mid -defenders (14 games 1 goal) After a few days of illness

Nayev Aquid’s central defender (1 game) strain for several days to return

Jen Luca Scarcar’s center (13 games 2 goals) ankle injury is to be determined

Maxwell Cohene left (5 games) thigh injury returns to the return period is unknown

Brent Ford:

Sindon Badesdi Midfield (12 games) muscle injury after a few weeks of return

Christopher Aje mid -back (6 games) knee injury returned in early January

Thomas Strakosha goalkeeper’s ankle injury returned in early January

Allen Hikki’s main left -back (9 games) ankle injuries return early January

Injury interpretation: In the West Ham, Zuma’s knee injury recovered but infected with the virus, and still could not play; Aquide and Cohene would also be injured, and Skamaca played doubts.Brent Ford will lack Allen Hiki, Badesdi, Strakosha and Ali, and they will be absent due to injuries.

Friday 013 Premier League

Liverpool VS Lecheist City


Roberto Philmino center (13 games 7 goals and 3 guidance) muscle injury returned in early January

James Milner midfielder (11 games 1 assistant) Calf injury returned in early January

Dioror Ruota’s left side (4 games 1 assistant) calf injury returned early February

Curtis Jones midfielder (4 games) muscle injury returned in early January

Louis Dias left (3 games 1 goal and 1 help) knee injury on January 23rd

Abuel midfielder (1 game) muscle injury returned early February

Laccuster City:

James Madison’s main front waist (13 games and 7 goals and 4 help) knee injury return period is unknown

Joni Evans’s main medium defender (9 games) muscle injury returned in early January

James Justin’s main right -back (14 games 1 assistant) Achilles tendon injury in January 23 years returned

Dennis Pram midfielder (8 games) ribs injury after a few days later

Ricardo Preira right -back tendon injury was returned in February 23 years

Ryan Berland left -back knee injury for several future returns

Injury interpretation: On Liverpool, Philmino is expected to return next Monday, Milner, Louis Dias and Ruo Tower are also absent from injury.Lecheist City was injured again. Pram was injured. He and Madison, Evans, Justin, Perera, and Betland were unable to play in this game.

Friday 022 La Liga

Balia Doride vs Real Madrid

Palia Doride:

Lucas Oraza left -back (9 games) quadriceps muscle discomfort is unknown

Anuel midfielder (3 games 1 goal) Knee cross ligament injury is returned in late April

Javad Alili Yamik’s central defender (8 games) Rope -rope muscle injury is unknown

Suhar Ferdal mid -back (7 games) cervical spine pain is to be determined

Robert Kennedy’s left side of the left side of the dopycle injury is to be determined

royal house Madrid:

Mariano center (4 games) ankle sprains are unknown

Injury interpretation: As the Baliad Dord, Olaza, Anur, and Yamick were missing due to injuries. Ferdal and Robert Kennedy were in doubt.On Real Madrid, Modric and Benzema led the battle, and the team was neatly neat in addition to Mariano’s injury.

Friday 023 Portuguese Super League

Braga vs Benfica


Jean Battiste Gobbi Back waist (3 games) injuries and returned period of injury


No injuries

Injury interpretation: For Braga, the 20 -year -old teenager Gobbi was injured and will be absent from the field, but it has little effect on the main lineup.Ben Feica is uniform and can send the best lineup.

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