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[Surprising sports] December 27 Intelligence analysis: Bernel’s main defender suspension


005 Premier League Manchester United VS Nottingham Forest

The four main forces such as Rashford renew the contract for one year

Recently, Manchester United’s official website reported that the coach Teng Hahh confirmed that the club had triggered the one-year renewal clause of the four players, namely the striker Lashford (the first 16 starts this season), the left-back Luke Xiao (16 games this season), right -back Darlo (all the launch of all 20 games this season), and midfielder Fred (this season’s 17 games 7 first -time launch).

Henderson is missing, and the three will be in doubt

The main goalkeeper of the Nottingham Forest Dean Henderson (all 15 games this season) will be absent due to leased avoidance clauses.In addition, the team’s main midfielder Gibbes Twitter (12 launches this season’s 14 games), the backback Selgi Oleye (8 games this season’s 7 games this season), No. 2 goalkeeper Wayne Henesi(The first start of this season) The game was doubtful in this game. Previously, the three of them were absent from the team’s Chinese British Cup last week due to injuries.

004 Premier League Chelsea vs Burnsmus

Chelsea coach gets high -level team high -level strength

According to Chelsea’s official website, during the World Cup, coach Porter went to the United States to meet with the club’s co -control owner Bedid Egbali.The senior team of the team gave Potter fully trust.Whether Potter can lead the blue army in this game is worth paying attention to.

Bernemouth wounded return

Before this game, Berne Mersame coach Gary O’Neal said that the main force Jefferson Lelma (15 games 2 goals), the main midfielder Machacus Tarivanier (15 games and 4 help)Restore in injury.

006 British Crown Birnley vs Birmingham

unfavorable!The main right back guard is banned

Bernley’s main right-back Connor Roberts (20 games this season’s 20 games this season) won a red card in the last round of the league against Midelsburg. He will be banned in this game.

The number one shooter returns, the midfielder is missing

According to relevant media reports, Birmingham’s number one shooter-striker Scott Hoggen (all the first launched this season, won 9 goals and 1 assist) will return to the injury.The team’s midfielder George Hall (the first five games in 17 games this season) were absent from the team’s pre-match training. He will be absent due to injuries in this game.

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