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[Surprising sports] December 25 Intelligence analysis: Tel Avi main midfielder suspension


070 Ultra Banasakning Ning Haper vs Tel Aviv Shapur

Continuous away combat, physical fitness is worrying

This month, Banasakning Hapur ushered in the devil schedule. The team played 3 away games. Except for the Israeli Cup defeated the weak travel Hoper Karana, the remaining two games against the Marcabi team in the sea FabeiLose all, lost 7 goals in two games, and the defense end performed badly.The team’s status and continuous away games have a certain relationship with the previous densely dense schedule. In this game, the game finally ushered in the home game. Players need to adjust their status as soon as possible.

Main Midfielder Cretenis Yellow card suspension

In this game, Tel Aviv Sharper’s main midfielder Creetz has accumulated a total of yellow cards. He was in dyed in the last match against the seafront workers.In September this year, Crits joined the team from Belsba workers, playing 7 times on behalf of the team, and sent 1 assistant. The veteran A Julei (10 games and 1 help) will replace him in this game.

069 Ultra Galatasley VS Istanbul State

Icardi wounded, Muslara suspended race

The Garlatasarey two will not be able to play in this game. The main striker Icardi is muscular strain in the last league against Beccitas. It is expected to fully recover in early January.In addition, the main goalkeeper Muslara ate a yellow card in the last league, and this game cumulative yellow card suspension.

Poor performance, the front line veteran cancellation with the team

After 1-3’s soil cups of Perne Bache, Istanbul announced that he had completed the termination of the contract with the front veteran Ebert.This summer, Ebert joined the team from the Greek team Caval, and only appeared on behalf of the team 7 times. He failed to score the goal. His performance did not meet the team’s high -level expectations.

068 Tuchao Ganyasburg vs Alaniasburg

The main striker of Ganiasburg will return to the lineup

In the Turkish Cup in the middle of the Zhou Dynasty, the main striker Diwuf (9 games) of Ganiasburg got a break.The Senegal striker will return to the main lineup in this game.

Alaniasburg Solo Team suspension

Due to the cumulative four yellow cards, the captain and main right side of Langiasburg’s right side Eiffikaraka will be suspended in this game. The missing players who have contributed 12 times to the offense will have a certain impact on the offensive.

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